Saturday, May 08, 2010

Adventureland----> Go Genting

Dear K & D teams,

Since our last team-gathering few months back, mm moi cant really recall when??? but once again it's time for all K & D team to be together2 under one roof...hahaha nay nope of coz there's no roof for outdoors...haha

Anyway, we made our 1st outing for this year 2010 . Pretty hard for us to gather all thou some cant make it to the outing but who cares!!! We still manage to have fun as big happy K & D family. This time we pulled off the event quite well. Choose the perfect venue for the excitement...

Here we been...

The Adventureland of Genting Highland Theme Park...

Hope next time, we can organise another full-filled team building trip more often.

So, to all dedicated trainers, thanks for being such a good enjoyable helpful and super sengal collaques. Hope we can work together as one outstanding K & D team.

Love to work with u guys.

Heart u olss soo mucho2 :)


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