Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Deco deco deco time

Hola peeps,

How was ur weekend ladies? Celebrating your lovely mother on their special day arent you? Lets appreciate our mom when we still have chance to do so occay... Well, aside from that moi is positive that everybody enjoy their 1st week of the month. Week of payroll. Week to yeayy even more than usual. Money transaction become highly active during this period. Get paycheck then pay this pay that shop here and there until towards the end. Headacne. ( ayoyo, budget sudaaa lari ooo...sndr mau igt occay...moral of the story...saving la demi masa depan yg gemilang...gemilang ke??? muahaha :p )

Anyway, yester was day out with Ms Put. Only her. Seed was on stand by mode ( waduhhh rajin bangat kelejaa ini budakkk...kerenn :p ) So, we went for early dinner at Ayam Penyet...our usual pitstop for foodie like there's no other restaurants around. We freakishly into this so-called-indonesian cuisine that is soo irresistable. ( acah2 pedas lg cedapp occay chili dia maka oleh itu sy akan membabisss xhingat dunia ...suke :p )

After finished, we went to the curve walk bazaar and grab ourself few new variety style of wristlets/bracelets..super cheap and super gorgeous. Put bought bracelets in boho style and moi more keen on classic and modern cut. Besides that, moi also bought 3 medium size of wallpaper for moi's bedroom. Moi wanna deco the lame room by creating simple feature wall. Likeyy :)

Moi decorating the DULL wall to become WOW wall...ahaksss :) Thanks to Ms Betty for her assistance. ( Beb, nnt kte main tampal2 munga chantek ke bilik ko plak ehh...sonok kan? cam kanak2 skolah wat mural utk school wall...mak suke nok :p )

Now, moi can embrace those feature wall when moi in "tensed" state. Quite therapeutic and refreshing.

Enuf of deco thingy, today is such a pleasant surprise. Before moi hit to work, moi got an instinct to check the saving account online. Moi was overwhelming by the figure of the amount itself. Ohh boyy, ex-gratia wasnt just a lame rumour. Alhamdullilah. ( Murah rejekiii sykr sgt2...bleyy gak settle hutang-pemiutang credit card pe2 yg patut :p )

Alritey...time to watch movie. Moi just finished downloading "Imagine Me and You". Unforbidden lessy love kinda movie.

Moi like the soundtrack of this movie. Happy together by the turtles but yet the flobots version is much more urban and acoustic. Enjoy the vids with lyrics u'ols :)

Take care everyone.


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