Thursday, May 27, 2010

Derrick & Team

Hi ladiesssss,

It's 27th May,Thursday - A day session with Ms. AA. Today moi work in the evening shift so yeay!!! Got ample time to hang out and do our girlie stuff before off to work. Ms AA asked moi to accompany her to take IC at MJ. So we went there pretty early in the morning to avoid the traffic conjestion and we managed to be at MJ around 10am. After settled collecting her IC ( she got to renew her IC due to unreadable chip ) we went for lunch and jalan2 cuci mata at Sogo eventhou ppl is like semut all over the place *oleh kerana gaji blum msk so kteorg just cuci mata je wlpn sale xhingat kt Sogo tu...sedeyyy uwaaa :(

Ohh before we went to Sogo, Ms AA wanted to cut trim her hair shorter since the boyish cut is no longer visible to be seen huhu *rmbt yg sekankang kera pn ade hati nk potong pendek lg ke???? mm layannn :)

She opted to snip at Derrick & Team as the price is so damn cheap...RM10 for normal cut *ade lg ok rege ptg rmbt 10igit gile murah wey!!!

Well, that's about it the hairdo thingy.

Ohh yea last tuesday, moi had girl session with dearies bestie Ms Betty. We went for some quick shopping and break for lunchie together at Ikan bakar Kelana Jaya.
Here our lunchie moment :p

That's a lil recap entry for now.

This weekend will be a wedding ceremony for moi's cousin. Moi update about it later ok.

Till then, take care everyone.


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