Friday, May 14, 2010

Lunchie munchie with bestie :)

Hey peeps,

From monday to friday, moi and avid bff keep ourself busy by hanging out for lunchie like sooo happily ever after...Wtfun, we became lunchy freak and went to jimba2 around at our official 2nd home like almost everyday *wink

This week, moi's training class start at 4.30pm so yeayy!!! Moi got ample time to jalan-jalan mengabeskan duit *hahaha

We went for movie yesterday, watched Iron was 2 weeks since it's launching but aint got time to slot ourself for it...sooo we did watch it yesterday...finally :( We bought ticket at 11am time showing and paid only 14 bucks for normal seat but seating our big ass in couple seat. So comfy plus we keen to make lousy comments while watching like nobody business...*keji x byr normal seat tp duduk kt couple seat...kate ari rabu xorg so hall tu kteorg punyeee...suke suki je duk kt mane2 pn yg diingini...muahahaha

From nasi lemak stall to ayam penyet to Ikea food court and every fast-sweet-tooth-food pitstops, we jumped in and dine enthusiastically. *Ohh tidakk :p

After lunch, moi went inside ikea to survey for wardrobe but "ter"bought new curtain and kids laundry box. Initial intention was just to see the new wardrobe and end up with mmm ain ainnn. Impulse buying habit is sooo not healthy. Then moi bumped into Farihan Padilla, moi's x-unitenian we exchanged our phone num then promise to lepak together some time. Glad to see her. She lives near moi's crib :)

Anyway, before writing this entry, moi just came back from watching Robin Hood with Ms gf A.A. The movie ain't too stereotype but ok lor not bad. Worth your pennyv:) so go and watch the movie occay!!!

Well, today moi decide to snip the hair. Since beijing cut, the hair is totally out of its proportional. So, drag my bestie Ms. Betty to accompany moi to Summit for cheap service done by the professional. Wanna know how we can pay less for prof's let u know in next entry ya! Ok Deal.

Till then, all of u take care and Happy Weekend!

Bye :)

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