Sunday, May 09, 2010

My mother, the queen of my heart

Happy Mother Day to all Ladies, Mommies and specially dedicated to my mum too...

My mother, the queen of my heart...



Mothers are the place where love
Emerges from the earth,
And happiness rings out like bells
In honor of our birth.

Mothers are the sun that lights
For life our inner sky,
So we may know that we are loved
And need not question why.

Mothers are the moon that shines
Upon our black despair,
So even when we weep, we know
That someone's always there.

Whatever fear, or stress, or pain
Might them to anger move,
We know that underneath the storm
We have, always, their love.

Thank you for loving me,
Having me in.
All you have given
Now I hold within.

Baby in a womb
You made your own,
Or else I had been
Unborn and unknown.*

"Or Unloved and alone."

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