Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Plain work days...

Salam to all lovely bloggers,

Do you keen of ur work? What's the hidden reasons to be working? People might have their own reasons for working...believe it or not...We are too commit to the money rather than the work itself either we like to admit it or not...am moi right? We are so committed to get more and more money for better living...Think so...at least that's the most significant relevant reason to survive in this "everything-revolve-around-money" kinda world. People always quote "Money is not everything but everything needs money". Moi cudnt agree less.

Anyhoots, for moi, not everybody is happy with their work...wrong!!! normally how hard the work is we still can bare it right? Moi always came across people who are whining about their work or people they are working with...True. Few weeks before moi lil brotha expressed how he felt so damn uneasy with the people he works with. Working for oil & gas company does require a lots of sacrification. Yupp, away from family, relatives, gf, friends can create sort of "tensed" element within himself. Plus working with people who has pretty narrow mindset is such a big obstacle to handle with too...

Sooo adek, be patience ok. Org tau ko strong...you got such a concrete strong mental and physical. Dont let people be the constraint for you to reach the peak. People is just the entity that we can deal with. We just need to know how to implement strategies on how to tackle the problem and switch it into something positive. Chaiyok chaiyok...make love to your work and ignore the people that brings you nothing.

Sometimes moi desperately wanna be kid again...Nothing to worry about...No stress no headacne...Just play and be happily glee for real...gosh how moi miss our oldies childhood so badly :(

Ohhhh dear ain....stooopppp being such an emo freakish drama queen...no time for that. Alrite. Lets talk about work then.

As far as moi concern, it is so grateful to work in K & D team. The colleagues are super cool and outstanding. We collaborate with each other in every possible ways. Being a trainer is the ultimate dream job. There is always enthusiasm and the adrenaline is pushing moi to the give the best. Best ke? harusss acah2 perasan cam bagossss wlpn cam taakkk pon ahaaksss :p


Attention to batch 168...OJA is just round the corner...*ohhh bukan corner kedai pak abu atau ali cafe occay...huhuhu

Oleh itu, mari kite bersama2 berusaha dgn lebih tegar dalam bersiap sedia menghadapi OJA nanti. I wish u'ols all the best. Lets make it happen to the operation floor together. Amin :)

Together we unite and never divide *haruslaaaa...tgk kesepakatan dlm berpakaian sudaaa :) Go go go team!!!

Ok ok ok...tamat sudah slot utk work thingy. Jom citer psl perihal pisang plak. Anda mungkin pernah melihat kebesaran pisang tanduk seperti gambar di bawah tapi percaya lahhh that was my 1st time...perlulaaa dinyatakan di sini bahawasanye saya agak terkesima dan terjakun seketika. Ye, terima laa hakikat saya mmg peraqqq hahahaha :p

What on earth am moi thinking? Get amazed of the gigantic bananas. Hahaha *yes, i do (*_^)V

*Gorengggg pong codapppp muahahhaa

Catch yo later.

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