Sunday, May 16, 2010

Snip snip snip bond bond bond :p

Haluu ladies,

As being promised from previous entry, moi wanna share the secret well it aint really a secret but lets assume it as a smart trick or maybe a good tip to get cheapo service done by junior/student alternately touch by the professional too.

It's always been an ultimate moi's style of getting sumthing beautiful in such a very affordable way. It still does look good but there is no need to splurge without strong reason unless moi really want sumthing to death huhuhuhu *if xdpt o xbeli will surely meroyan o kempunan xtdo mlm muahaha

For the theory stated above, the sample of the scenario will be the hairdo session :)

Last friday, before hit to work, moi and bestie Ms. Betty went to The Summit for hair make over...make over hell no..too Big word...not make over..hairdo only muahaha We were so determined to get cheapo hair service and willing to drive all the way from Damansara to Subang...SMART!!! nayy not really :( Thank god the traffic wasnt conjested at that particular time. Lucky us :) *Bersungguh2 wey punye nk cheapo price sanggup ni g jauh2..hahha tipu xde jauh mane pn...instead of potong rmbt kt salon2 area the curve yg super berlambak kan xmoo berlagakk hahaha sengal :p

Reason for us to hit The Superstyle Academy is because we comfort with the service before and the price offer is hilariously low...hilarious...yeah just to show how funny the price could be soo damn fuckin cheap...Ainnn stop using vulgar word occay...sorry!!! hahaha

But, we still have to bare the drawbacks o limitation from the cheapo service which is the time-consuming. If the touch done all the way by the professional it will take only a while depending on the type of treatment. But if the whole process is done by the junior/student alternately monitor by the professional, the time taken will be who cares? Moi not. Moi rather wait 4 hours for 7obucks rather than 2 hours for 400bucks for exactly the same service.

Oklaa, here the hair session phiccas...

Ohh yeah, the other week before moi went to Yun Nam for hair treatment. Since getting back from Beijing, the scalp become super itchy and there is snowflakes *yes, salju dibahukuu katenyee ala2 Winter Sonata...ohh tidakkk

Action is urgently needed to tackle the prob before it become worst. *Ape lagi terhengah2 r pegi Yun Nam budget duit manyak...harusslaaa takkkk :(

After doing some scalp skin the result :(

The pic scalp analysis seems to be pretty bad condition. Actually the consultant informed the problem still under mild not severe case but moi feel like it's so teribble *sumpah gatal rasa cm nk gune penyagat sayur kt dapur wey kasi sagat itu snowflakesss laaa :(

So, she advised moi about the problem, what kind of treatment need and which products good for moi's scalp and the best part is the PRICE part hahhhaha :)

When she mentioned that moi need to do 20 sessions and it cost moi only RM7k...she mention ONLY occay!!! *gile ke hape price tu da sama gan gaji bulan ni campur PFP campur ex-gratia wey...Mmg x la jawapannyee :(

Whatever la, ohh's 10am...*da janji gan put nk bekfes sama2 before g jimba2 kt Times square...mati lambat nnt kena maki :(

So, that's about the hairdo thingy. Gotta go. See you next entry alrite?

Take care :)

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