Sunday, May 16, 2010

Unstoppable Spenders :)

Beautiful Sunday to all,

We are the freak unstoppable spendthrifter and not to forget freaky foodie too. What a foxy sassy Sunday to spend with someone we close to...BEST GIRLFRIENDS! Pretty theraupatic girl-therapy combo of shopping and making our stomach happy too...lalalalala :)

At least thats our habitual routines on lovely Sunday before starting the same working day routines on the next bloomy Monday :)

Anyway, it's been a while since last hang out at the Times Square. No reason to come this far from damansara to KL while we can have almost everything at our nearby neighbour place to hang out. But, hell no...the same ordinary routine can actually puke us up...BORED!!!

So, we decide to change the place and how we go there. Public transport isnt really our way thou. Moi doesnt really bother about the human traffic but as we all know how hot Malaysia is so it's not quite convenient...very much not :(

So, our girls day out itinerary started point from A& parked car there. We acah2 go in like we want to have our meal but bumped into x-unitenian, bell :)

We took LRT train for our next destination to KL Sentral, then walking off to Monorail to go Times Square/ Sg. Wang...Goshh, we barely cant stand the heat plus the traffic chios plus the pollution...promise ourself not to use public transport again...not in this super humid hot weather *mau bley pengsan kt tgh jln yg sgt pns tu wey :(

So, our cam-whoring piccas tell the rest of the journey...*tetibe mls plak nk taip sbb dpt msg from someone ajk dating :)

Anyway, million thanks to Ms Seed for the lovely Hush hush Puppies shirts. We love it!!! :) *smbl shopping smbl beramal sedekah kwn2 sorg 1 t-shirt...terbaekkk :p

Ok, need to excuse moiself...gotta date to attend muahahaha *gediksss
Actually ade lg citer best psl polis bantuan yg gado gan Ms Put kt monorail. Sgt kelakar plus acah2 cuak gak r occay!!! Nnt la citer :p

Take care girls :)

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