Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Runsing :(

Mode: Runsing disulami rs tidak keruan :(

Sy sedey bila sesuatu perkara berlaku pada orang yg kita sayangi dan paling menyedihkan bila ia melibatkan hati & perasaan.

Melibatkan masa depan.

Melibatkan rs tekilan, rs susah hati, rs kecewa dan pelbagai rasa2 kureng enakk yg bercampur baur sekaligus menyebab sy hilang focus dan runsing serta tidak keruan.

Oleh yg demikian, terjadilah beberapa perkara sengal hari ini hasil drp perasaan jiwa yg lara,

Bersengketa dgn org tersayang disebabkn perkara yg xrelevan...

Berlakon bekeleja secara acah2 focus walhal takkk pon sbb otak berpikir secara aktif menyebabkn congestion

Masuk ke tandas lelaki tanpa was-was *okeyy yg part ni mmg super maruah tercalar occay...adusss :(

Hopefully things will get back to normal...InsyaAllah...Amin.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Moi despise Loser :(

Used to waste love, time, money and sacrifice life with a LOSER for years...

Promise moiself not to involve with ppl who doesnt even bother to grow for self-improvement and head up towards betterness.

Sicken of thinking for other ppl mess. Immensely fed up.

Y should moi bother about other ppl's problem?

Moi disobey this promise. Moi screw up and mess my life once again.

Moi hate something that is useless and hopeless.

What on earth am moi thinking???

Why the wrong feels so right???

Maybe i am way too far???

Perhaps :(

Super benci kat org yg loser yg suke myusahkan hidup dorg sndr and secara x lgsg myusahkan hidup org lain gak...

You should be ashamed of yourself..

You dont deserve good ppl around you...

P/S: PMS mode :(

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Salam semua,

Apa yang anda lakukan pada Ahad yang acah2 ceria hari ni? Kuar blibur bersama keluarga, kwn2 rapat, bf gf bukan???...harussslaa :) Wahhh, ceria dan gembiranya hari anda smbl bershopping sbb gaji da masyukk kan kan kan...uwaaa cepat la 30hb msk gaji xsabar nk berfoya-foyaa :(

Yg pasti, minggu ni sy tidak dapat berlibur secara tegar kerna perlu berbakti pada VADS terchenta pada hujung minggu ini. Semalam, seharian sy berada di ofis SH yg super sangap ittew smbl berfikir ape motif sy berada di ofis pada hujung minggu. Motif sy menjadi trainer salah satunye adalah kerana ingin menjadi normal seperti org lain yg bercuti bergumbira pada hujung minggu...Frankly speaking, sy xkisah sebenarnye bekerja bile2 pun yg penting kte happy gan work kte but due to certain irrelevant new buss. requirement implemented to LDD nye department which doesnt justify our right, the passion to work genuinely is no more. The enthusiasm is deteriorated. Moi is demotivated. Seriously. Reason to survive only because moi is so into skill set of giving training and not bother to involve moiself in operation while there is no KPI entitle. Motif ko nk beria jaga performance if the element isnt being counted at the 1st place??? Nevertheless, moi work for the sake of working and nothing but to work and get the paycheck every end of the month. That is it. Nothing more nothing less. Anything else doesnt really matter anymore. *Ayat gile cedeyyy bedurai2 hinguss :p But, although it's the worst case , moi can consider moiself lucky to have such an outstanding teamwork among the LDD team that keep the spirit alive :)

Nevertheless, nothing on earth can deteriorate moi's spirit. Moi believe to the faith that as long as we work with good nawaitu. Insya'Allah rezeki is always open up for us. Amin :)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Ms A.A With A.A sM :)

Salam bloggers,

Amore friday :) Moi is off today. Yeayy! What's the plan for today ehh??? Let me let me think of sumthg that can be done to occupy moi's beautiful frietag. Sumthg good indeed. *tapi xde geng r plak if nk ajak g lepak2...sume keje adeyy :(...oppss wait the min...Ms A.A is on MC flu katenyee...chanteek r bley g kacau dia...flu je kot so acah2 teman g clinic then bley trus g hanging out smbl berW-shopping :) asl bley je hakuu ni asl smpt je nk window-shop, KEJI occay!!!

Ohh last week, Ms A.A went to AA flight attendant opening vacancy. Go imagine my deariest boyishfriend wearing skirt bermake-up bagai...Hell, since moi known her, she will never ever wear skirt and make up???kiddin me...

Anyway, she looks good in skirt and i love to see her face with make-up. Ala2 cam Misya Omar gitu :) ahaksss mati aku kena libas pala laju2 if minah ni baca entry ni muahahha

Ms As Ahmad

Ms A.A a.k.a Acah2 Misya Omar :)

Ms Ain Ahmad a.k.a moi

Recently, it's been such a tiring week since moi gotta to be based at SH. Definitely, SH is such a conjested place with ppl plus it does make moi feel like being in India...achaa with the Bollywood songs, saree maree bagai thou moi liking it :) Travel back and forth on daily basis from LRT Tmn Bahagia to Masjid Jamek does require alot of energy. *Fat burning plus super basah my lil ketiakss aku ehh walking down from the LRT station to the aisle of the bazaar until reach SH...Before moi arrived 17th floor, surely in moi's hand there will be 1 cup of juice with mix fruits *harusslaa smpt je aku mbeli dan belah ke keleja wehhh :p

Now, in SH the call centre is fully decorated in WORLD CUP FEVER theme. So, u can see all the world's cup flags...balls hanging here and there...and the best thing it's a JERSEY DAY every Tues & Thurs. *Beshh ehh g keje xyah nk berformal bagai pakai jersey gan jeans cam nk g lpk kedai kopi tgk bola gitu...Gayyyreeekk :)

SH level cup deco :p

Alamak, da lmbt nk g amek Ms A.A g clinic. Nnt smbg update ehh :)

Take care.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Charles & Keith

Hola and Salam Thursday to all,

All these past weeks really screwed up moi's physical and emotion. Toothache issue. Netbook issue. Lousy HP customer service issue. Lunatic wacko stranger issue. So many heartache issues that makes moi go insane and alhamdullilah finally everything had gone with the wind and settled bit by bit :(

Yesterday, moi was off on duty and offday falls on friday. *copp btul ke ayat aku ni??? Whateva. This week, moi need to backup by working on weekend. Working on Sat & Sun at Semua House (SH) must be really foodie theraupatic. Yeayy :)

Apart from that at least, it can be a valid reason for moi to do some survey for moi's lil godbrotha hantaran preparation for his upcoming Engagement on this 10th July 2010. Moi had promised him to handle/arrange/manage/sponsor for his hantaran. Well, the word "sponsor" does justify the correct situation whereby moi gotta a chance to choose the theme, color and decoration of the hantaran. Yaaaahooo, moi love silver theme to be matched with cherry blossom fresh flowers or maybe crystal thingy. *Harusslaa haku yg over the top cm hakuu plak yg nk bertunang wey...semangat kena ade occay!!!

~~~> Attn to any future unknown bby hubster, cepatlah masuk minang...mampuuu???

wlpn hakikatnyee cm sy yg xbape mampuuu nk HADAPPP???? hahaha abaikan ketidakkk relevantnyee statement keji sy ini (*_^)V

Ok ok ok alriteto back to the actual topic.Well, deary Charles & Keith had really made moi day gleeful. Yes. Definitely. Today, Ms Diana, one of moi's trainee from Batch 168 came to the fish tank training room surprised moi with a gift. She said it's from the all trainees thou alot of them had resigned.

They are so sweet giving moi a handbag from C & K...*sumpah terkesima sbb xpenah ade batch2 lain sblm ni bagi handbag and it's quite pricey and xkisa pn if it's cheap or pricey...yg penting perasaan diappreciate sgt2 dan smpt utk berperasantan bahawasanyee DIRIKU BEGITU BERHARGA ahaksss *ok ok sila la puke urself ...xsangka igt korg kt trainer sengal ini wlpn dlm class begitu suke menyempring xtentu hala huhu...Anyhoot, thank u guys. Moi loves and likey it damn mucho :) To Miza, thanks dear for the lovely bear :)

Piccas of the lovely gorgeous handbag in silverish :)

Despite of all the lovely things that happened today, moi had sumthg to share to u guys. Recently, there is a lunatic undefined unknown stranger keep distrubing moi. She keep sending irrelevant sms and keep on miscalling. Moi got no idea who she is but once moi used to call her, she seems like she kinda mental. She talks like mental person and barely speaks in malay or english. *Gile ke hape pumpuan ni...hopefully Allah swt will send you guidance to do sumthg good indeed instead of interfering into someone else's life without concrete purpose :( She used to send sms few months back but hell moi got no time to entertain lunatic wacko stranger.

Yet, her yesterday smsed to moi was like...

Sorry ok u noinkan jangan nak belagak u rampas kekasih i kan JAGA KAU STUPID OK I bukan orang indon I DONT CARE...

Wtheck was she thinking, gile ke hape wey ko pumpuan...sure life ko pathectic sbb ntah mende ko merepek...kekasih katenyee hahaha NONSENSE gak r ko ni...bile masa aku ade kekasih bagai...adusss letih r nk mghadap all this kind of shitto...


That's is it.

Exhausted mode is about to begin...
Arghhh moi seriously need a quickie BREAK...
Need to cleanse the soul and clear mind from the hectic chaos.

Tawau/Semporna/Mabul/Sipadan Island...i would love to embrace yr beauty and i'll come to u soon...InsyaAllah :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Itu Netbook Ok Sudayy :)

Perlukah bergumbira pabila netbook kembali cargasss seperti sedia kala???

Harussslaaa perlu occay!!! Huhuhu :)

Yeayy, sy sgt bersuke suki kerna bisa bertenet dgn jiwa yg tenang setelah beraksi mulut naga mengalahkan raksasa grodot bersama agent sales Evernew yg super NOOB ittewww yer!

Berbaloikah sy mengmockingkan serta memaruah calarkan diri demi sebuah netbook usang yg kini sgt bersih dan chantek dan kelihatan seperti br mbeli yg brand new! Ahaksss :p

Ermmm harussslaaa berbaloi2 :)

Kini sy dpt melayari jalur lebar dgn lebih tegar sbb screen netbook yg dahulunyee terdpt 2 ekor semut merah yg mati didlmnye kini tiada lg dan keypad no 1 yg dulunye tercabut diatas kelalaian sy juga ditukar baru...sungguh lembut keypad baru ni sehingga dpt menyaip dgn sleek and smooth gitu muahahahaha *mode gedikss geletiss :p

Maka dgn ini, sy ingin menyeru kpd rakan2 blogger sekelian supaya mengambil iktibar di atas incident yg berlaku kpd netbook sy. Customer service di negara kita pada pendapat sy masih lg di bawah paras yg tidak begitu membanggakan. Name it urself, x kira company telco mahupun menchandise, their customer service helpdesk isnt up to the level that we can rely on. Sometimes, it's pretty crutial to be pushy and being such a difficult customer for the sake of our consumer's right. Always bare with the Service Level Agreement (SLA) and stick to it. If they unable to deliver based on what they promise then we burn their ASS :) nayy kiddin :p

Anyway, moi believe there are several positive ways to tackle problems or there are other altenatives to speed up certain process but somehow things doesnt work positively. So, u'olss pikir la sendiri ekk while i did it my WAY.

Wokey the piccas of my deary netbookilicious. Winduuuunyeee buku jaringkuuuu :)

Deary HP minilicious

Buy 1 free 6 :)

Browse cup caking :p

Aksi slps Manicure :p

Minum kopi smbl baca magazine free :)

Promo juice cocktail or HP mini???

Last but not least, perasantan mode di netbook sndr (*_^)V

Alrito, tomolo kelejato soto kenato tidoto. Selamato Malamo :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

HP S.U.X :(

Thanks for triggering moi's ANGRY button.

Sy sudah meletop. It's too late. Mmg dpt cacian dan makian la jwpnnye. Hadaappp :(

Sy sgt bengang. Piss off gile vavisss. Rs nk g lempang sales agent kt Evernew yg promise konon2 harapan palsu netbook sy bley siap repair dlm 3 - 5 hari. Mmg HARAMMM takkk la wey. Budusss :( Konon SLA seminggu tp dh almost 3 weeks kot. Service totally freaking B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T.O :(

So, ptg td dgn perasaan bengang tension sakit hati sakit jiwa plusss xpuas hati, aku call the person incharge psl netbook aku. Rs nye 4 kali call kot br dpt sbb line asek busy je...k fine...aku chill2 popo je..hangin taufan aindisaster masih bley dicontrol lagi huhu

Ok, sbnrnye citer die cmni... sblm ni aku call Evernew tu byk kali siap ckp baik2 lg super nice berbudi bahasa profesional lengkap bagai...mslhnye bley plak dorg wat2 chill then take it for granted...Mmg terbaekk r...Mmg mtk mulut naga aku ni berasapp r...biase la gan fake promises yg konon2 netbook aku bley siap 2 3 hari lg...then fine aku elek lg tgu 2 3 4 5 hari lg pastu last friday aku call tanye lg..mmg mood aku da super sengal tgu nk maki je sbb da msk 2 mgu kot...haa amek aku bg pra-mocking kt mamat Evernew tu...nasib ko la wey :(

Tapi, pra-mocking aku tu consider ok lg sbb aku just increase volume ala2 menyempering je...xde lg aksi2 maki hamun cam arini...gile cm org gile wey hakuuu td :(

MasyaAllah, ampuni la dosakuuu ya Allah...sesungguhnye mulutkuu mmg super longkang :(

Scene maki memaki via tepon bermula di antara Cik Ain mulut longkang VS Mamat Evernew super janji palsu plus noob dumb n dumberer

Cik Ain mulut longkang: Elo, haa u pls check my HP mini serv code bla bla...finish repair oredy or not??? ( mode ckp mmg dh start cm hampeh time ni :( )

Mamat Evernew Noob : Ohh, ok..i check 1st haa..then lama skit...ohh miss, yr hp mini still not done yet lorr miss...

Cik Ain mulut longkang: Arghhh Wthell, u promise me 3 - 5 days it'll shud be finished. It almost 3 weeks occay. I dont want to wait anymore. I want my fuckin netbook now..todayy occay!!! Fuck laaa :( ( yup, aku dh membara gile vaviss ni )

Mamat Evernew Noob : Ermm...ohh ok miss..i understand. We send technician oredy to HP today. ( sumpah suara mamat cino ni da cm nebess n tsasul2 dia ckp...cian r plak da la xpandai ckp omputih sgt...xpsl2 dia yg kn maki :( )

Cik Ain mulut longkang : Bullshit rrrr...Dont tell me u understand me coz u r NOT. I dont want to hear all of ur crap occay...last week u said and promise me the same thing but nothing happen. You bloody promise to call me back to update but u NEVERRRR call. Im sicken of ur lousy promise.

Mamat Evernew Noob : Im sorry miss. I will call u back at 8 tonight. I need to ask my supervisor.

Cik Ain mulut longkang : Nooo...i dont want u to call me back. Where ur manager? I want to talk to him nowww.

Mamat Evernew Noob : Sorry miss. He's not here.

Cik Ain mulut longkang : I dont want to hear that. You think im stupid or wut?? It's not my problem occay. I want to talk to ur fuckin manager now!!! Who's ur manager? Give me his name...( gile menyempering wey, Hafez gan rahimi cuak time ni dgr aku menyempering cm org gile ahaksss super klakar r plak )

Mamat Evernew Noob : I dooo..dooont know nooo miss. ( terketar2 occay suara mamat ni pastu dia diam lama gile siap bley dgr suara mamat2 cino ckp2 kt blkg...haaa tau pn cuak...padan muke :p Budusss )

Cik Ain mulut longkang : Elo elo eloooo...why u silent???? ( mmg panas bikin r bley plak mamat ni diam lama plak tu ) heyyy u im askin u why r u keep quiet? What's ur name??? (mamat ni diam lg) aku pn hape lg menyempringggg r...Heyy im talkin to u occay...give me ur fuckin name n ur fuckin manager name NOW...( mmg aku dh xbley sabar abes F word sume kuar)

Mamat Evernew Noob : I'm William here...manager Alvin. I'll call you miss at 8pm.

Cik Ain mulut longkang : I dont want u to call me again. Ask ur manager to call me back. Do u understand my language??? Ask ur bloody manager to call me.

Mamat Evernew Noob : Ermm ooo ( aku disconnect call sblm mamat tu smpt ckp pe2...mmg sakit hati gile)

Lepas 1/2 jam kot, Evernew call balik...suara dah cm lain...bkn suara mamat William. Ntah la..aku dh xsure...Aku bengang x abes lg...

Mamat Evernew Noob : Eloo miss nurain haa...netbook u ready oredy. You come collect at 7 lor.

Cik Ain mulut longkang : Haa done oredy. Good. Im working now. I come 2row. Wut time you open?

Mamat Evernew Noob : Haa ok ok miss. You come lor. ( ntah ape yg dia ok ok ntah...dia xdgr aku tanye buke kedai kul bp kot)

Cik Ain mulut longkang : Wut Ok ok??? Im asking u wut time u open? Ohh my goddd ( br nk cool dh bikin panas blk sabar sabar ye cik Ain mulut longkang :)

Mamat Evernew Noob : Solie soliee miss. 10.30 u come we open oredy.

Cik Ain mulut longkang : Mmm ok. Bye ( hakuuu disconnect call cpt2...mode menyampah xhingat )

Bengang syialll. Dah lama kot aku x maki org seteruk ni. Last acara maki yg dahsyat pn gan Mr A.A gan his x-gf Ms. Slutyle. Actually, conversation ni lg teruk tp aku xhingat ape aku maki the whole way...time ni 2 org ofismate aku yg jd saksi pada kenagaan mulut hakuu..Syabas mera Betaa...Hafez gan Rahimi...terkezuttt beruk gak r dorg sbb aku mmg jarang marah selalu kt ofisss suke layan2 sengal wat2 lawak bodooo pluss join dorg bahan2 org je hehehe

Lepas abes ckp je...hahahaha aku hamekkk kena bahan baekknyee gan dorg...muahahaha :) kelakar occay!!!

Ehh, esok nk g amek netbook cm cuak r plak..jgn la mamat Evernew sakit hati gan aku g hempuk netbook tu o g bg calar2 wat2 ukiran ke hapee...hahahahaha padan muke aku plak...sape suhh mulut longkang...mak n ayah xpenah ajar anak2 mulut cam cilakesssss occay...siap dolu2 if mencarut sure mak amek cili sumbat dlm mulut...hahahaha tp sy xpenah kena...adek ku sayang je penah kena sumbat cili sbb ckp BODOH...ckp bodoh je kot tp xkisah la mak marah gak...huhuhuhu

Opssyyy dh kul 8.30 ni nk chioww cin cauu...tulis blog kt ofis sbb nk tulis pakai E71 kt umah mmg edaakkkk la sesuayyy :(

Tunggu Cik Munie dtg fetch...yeayyy!!!

Alamak, lupe nk confess sumthg to someone sbb pg2 xtentu psl piss off gan my dearest..

Bby, sorry occay. I didnt mean to say what ive said today. Tgh cam mood swing. Sorry ehh...lebiuuuu doling :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Mabul/Sipadan Island of Paradise

Yuhuuu Holaaabackpackers,

Thanks to bestie, Ms Puteri Norashegin for arranging the last min trippy plan. Lebiuuu darls :) At first, moi have several constraints and decided not to go for it but nayy *sy edakk ler sekuat mane utk sayyy NOoo to this irresistible beachy trip to Mabul/Sipadan Island - the well-known world diving paradise!!! hell no must be very disappointed if cant make it *sumpah rs myesal seumur hidup if x jadi pegi :(

Here the itinerary for upcoming beachy trip.

  1. DAY 1 (3/7/10) Arrival / Tawau / Semporna (-)
    - Meet on arrival at tawau Airport at 5.35pm
    - Transfer overland to Semporna jetty by scuba junkie pick-up van
    - Overnight at Semporna Scuba Junkie dorms in longhouse *yeayy moi likey the kekampungan home stay :)

  2. DAY 2 (4/7/2010) Semporna Jetty / Mabul Island (B/L/D)
    - Breakfast at SJ
    - Proceed to jetty for boat ride to Sibuan Island.
    - Lunch will be provided
    - Snorkeling activity
    - Overnight at SJ longhouse

  3. DAY 3 (5/7/2010) Mabul / Kapalai
    - Proceed to jetty for boat ride to Mabul/Kapalai Island for snorkeling.
    - Own activities at night

  4. DAY 4 Tawau
    - At 8.30am, transfer by boat to Semporna jetty then to Tawau airport

Neways, the overall estimated eco budget will include:

  1. Ticket flight return from LCCT - Tawau Airport : RM 30 (credit to AA for the cheapest tic ever :) )

  2. Transportation from Airport to Semporna Jetty: RM 80 ( 2 pax) - pay less if more people share the van.

  3. Accommodation - SJ Longhouse dorm: RM 20 per pax per night ( 3 nights)

  4. Snorkeling trip to Sibuan/ Mabul and kapalai: RM 100 per trip (2 trips)

  5. Transportation to Tawau town by local minivan: RM 20 per pax

So, lets calculate...overall amount will approximately 350++...

Mari meroyansss bersama2 smbl menikmati keindahan gambar2 panorama flora fauna ye ibuk2 bapak2 sekalian...

Hopefully, with this peaceful trip it will refresh or rejuvenate moi's soul by embracing the beauty of Allah swt creation. InsyaAllah :)

* Yg pasti, sy nk mengaummm seafood smp lebamm mesti murah ehhh!!!

P/S: Thanks boss for the leave approval. Haha inilah personal matter yg dimaksudkan. Moi totally need this vaccay to perform better in future kerna dirikuuu sudayyy lemauu berada di LC ini :( *amcam bley terima x alasan poyoo sy ni muahaha...hadappp :)

Baiklah, perlu kembali berkelaja menyiap coaching moaching nye IDR batch 169.

Attention to batch owner 169, yr beloving trainees sgt la lemau byk sehh dorg wrongly tagging report iCOMs...plss allow me to coaching moaching them occay *muahaha sj je wat ayat kontroversi jgn mrh en.syimi nnt kena jual :p

Lepas abes keje, nak plak jimba2 kt Pesta Pasar Makan2 kat bawah SH...adeyyy tulun sy yg gile DOMOKKKsss ni :(

Happy Father Day, Ayah :)

This entry is dedicated to all Fathers,

Eversince yesterday was a Father's day, moi wanna wish to all fathers, daddies, papa, abah, walid, baba and moi's the only Ayah

~~~ Happy Father's Day ~~~



Thanks Ayah for being such a cool daddy. I am what i am now is because of YOU.

Love you dad mucho2 :)

Alritey, here the vids moi always listening as it relates to daddy's girl songs.

1) Straind - Zoe jane

2) Simple Plan - Perfect

Happy Monday & Happy Belated Father's Day Everyone :)

Gotta back to work :(

Take care

Monday, June 14, 2010

Lets M & M Marathon...

Hi everyone,

Its been a while since last update. Currently moi in Ms A.A's crib due to the immense pain from the toothache issue. Yes, it is an issue up until moi having a clear gut to make crutial desicion. So until then lets bare the pain :( Fret not. Aint able to take it anymore any longer.

Well, for the past fortnights moi is soo damn stressful and totally out of glee. No netbook. Toothache issue. Pretty bad combo huh? So, in order to minimise the so-not-happy-moments moi had bchenta cheummm molot ngan moi's super bestie..super duper mocking and "maki"ing but moi lovin it :) !!!

Anyhoots zillion thanks to Ms A.A for the companionship during moi's worst mood state. Mood swing. Super sensitive. Super mengade2. Super sakit gg tapi nk gak melantakss cm vavisss :P
Proud of you dearies bestie. *kehebatan ko menghadappp ketidakkk "center"an otak aku mmg takkkk diragui lg and tq darlss sbb you manage to bare all these calmly.

Lebiuuu mucho2 (*_^)V

Due to the matter mentioned above, these past 2 weeks moi got to kill time since nothing much to do after work *netbook sy sakit. remember? The best possible movement that can be implemented is to make a move to the nearest cinema and lets feast-moi-eyes marathon by watching movies. Yeayyy thou gg sakit cm hampeh so before hit the cinema jom telan 1000mg ponstan supaya gg dan jiwa tenang ketika menonton :(

And presenting the movies that had been watched...

  1. Robin hood ---> Moi is soo into epic movie which serve the intense sequence of warfare and ohhh yesss the old men in this movie is HOTTTT :) *gatal sehhh aku

  2. King of Persia ---> Likey!!!

  3. Shrek Final Chapter ---> Super hilarious as usual. Keen of all Shrek chapters. Awesome :)

  4. IP man 2 ---> Martial art kinda movie is totally moi's thingy

  5. Lagenda Budak Setan - bley thn kuar hingusss gak r tgk citer ni :p cedeyyy :( tp suke r lagu Bila Cinta.

  6. Karate Kid ---> Definitely reminds moi of recent Beijing trip. Great Wall, Olimpic Stadium, Wan Fujing Street, Summer Palace...Ohhh winduuunye :)

  7. A-Team

And quess what, Ms A.A want to see Singam but we are not lucky enuf coz it was full house Muahahaha

Menciksss r xbley nk update pic sbb td br maki HP sbb gile lempss nk fix netbook...arghhhh vaviss laaa :(

Friday, June 11, 2010

Saya Sakit G.I.G.I :( (Part 2)

Perkara: Sakit itu di gigi saya dan netbook HP :(


Sebelum saya meroyan dgn kadar yg tidak hagak2, silala anda semua para blogger bersiap-sedia untuk mberi laluan kpd saya yg kini berada pada state yg sgt tensed.

Oleh kerana 2 perkara di atas, saya berasa sedikit stress tapi tidak...itu semua bkn penghalang untuk sy meneruskan aktiviti harian.

Hampir 2 bulan sejak sy melakukan surgeri rawatan akar di gigi sy, tiada sebarang masalah timbul tapi sejak seminggu yg lepas, sakit gigi geraham telah kembali menyerang gusi dan kesakitan yg agak melampau menyebabkan sy terpaksa bgantung hidup pada antibiotik Amoxyciclin dan pain killer. Yer tepat skli, sy perlu mengambil ponstan 750g setiap 4 jam wlpn sebenarnye kesannye tidaklah sehebat mane dan sy perlu acah2 menahan sakit yg kdg2 menyebabkan mood swing dan sy kerap MC sbb super sakit. Mm, padan muke sy yg super degil xmoo mcabut shj gigi geraham tp masih bertahan demi senyuman yg lebih menawan :) *hahahaha tlg la muntah

Aduyaii..dh la sakit gigi, tertibe netbook sy pn nk sakit juga*mmg sumpah mood sy jd cam hampeh :(

Dah 2 minggu netbook sy kt HP, konon2 janji 3-5 hari tp harusslaaa takkk kan...dh 2 minggu occay! Piss off betul la!

Mm lagi menyedeykn semlm lps tgk movie Karate Kid yg super best tu, kete sy kena clamped dpn ikea. Dh 3thn kot parking luar ikea xde ape2 pn, mm xpe la xde rejekiii...terbang melayang 50igit...cedeyyy je if x duit tu dpt gak g dinner mkn cedapp wlpn gigi cakit :(

Ok la, actually byk yg nk distoli moli and diupdate utk 2 minggu ni dan sila berdoa utk sy supaya gigi dan netbook sy cepat sembuh. Amin :)

Alrite nnt netbook sy da update semua post2 yg pending ye!

Take care and Happy Weekend.