Thursday, June 24, 2010

Charles & Keith

Hola and Salam Thursday to all,

All these past weeks really screwed up moi's physical and emotion. Toothache issue. Netbook issue. Lousy HP customer service issue. Lunatic wacko stranger issue. So many heartache issues that makes moi go insane and alhamdullilah finally everything had gone with the wind and settled bit by bit :(

Yesterday, moi was off on duty and offday falls on friday. *copp btul ke ayat aku ni??? Whateva. This week, moi need to backup by working on weekend. Working on Sat & Sun at Semua House (SH) must be really foodie theraupatic. Yeayy :)

Apart from that at least, it can be a valid reason for moi to do some survey for moi's lil godbrotha hantaran preparation for his upcoming Engagement on this 10th July 2010. Moi had promised him to handle/arrange/manage/sponsor for his hantaran. Well, the word "sponsor" does justify the correct situation whereby moi gotta a chance to choose the theme, color and decoration of the hantaran. Yaaaahooo, moi love silver theme to be matched with cherry blossom fresh flowers or maybe crystal thingy. *Harusslaa haku yg over the top cm hakuu plak yg nk bertunang wey...semangat kena ade occay!!!

~~~> Attn to any future unknown bby hubster, cepatlah masuk minang...mampuuu???

wlpn hakikatnyee cm sy yg xbape mampuuu nk HADAPPP???? hahaha abaikan ketidakkk relevantnyee statement keji sy ini (*_^)V

Ok ok ok alriteto back to the actual topic.Well, deary Charles & Keith had really made moi day gleeful. Yes. Definitely. Today, Ms Diana, one of moi's trainee from Batch 168 came to the fish tank training room surprised moi with a gift. She said it's from the all trainees thou alot of them had resigned.

They are so sweet giving moi a handbag from C & K...*sumpah terkesima sbb xpenah ade batch2 lain sblm ni bagi handbag and it's quite pricey and xkisa pn if it's cheap or pricey...yg penting perasaan diappreciate sgt2 dan smpt utk berperasantan bahawasanyee DIRIKU BEGITU BERHARGA ahaksss *ok ok sila la puke urself ...xsangka igt korg kt trainer sengal ini wlpn dlm class begitu suke menyempring xtentu hala huhu...Anyhoot, thank u guys. Moi loves and likey it damn mucho :) To Miza, thanks dear for the lovely bear :)

Piccas of the lovely gorgeous handbag in silverish :)

Despite of all the lovely things that happened today, moi had sumthg to share to u guys. Recently, there is a lunatic undefined unknown stranger keep distrubing moi. She keep sending irrelevant sms and keep on miscalling. Moi got no idea who she is but once moi used to call her, she seems like she kinda mental. She talks like mental person and barely speaks in malay or english. *Gile ke hape pumpuan ni...hopefully Allah swt will send you guidance to do sumthg good indeed instead of interfering into someone else's life without concrete purpose :( She used to send sms few months back but hell moi got no time to entertain lunatic wacko stranger.

Yet, her yesterday smsed to moi was like...

Sorry ok u noinkan jangan nak belagak u rampas kekasih i kan JAGA KAU STUPID OK I bukan orang indon I DONT CARE...

Wtheck was she thinking, gile ke hape wey ko pumpuan...sure life ko pathectic sbb ntah mende ko merepek...kekasih katenyee hahaha NONSENSE gak r ko ni...bile masa aku ade kekasih bagai...adusss letih r nk mghadap all this kind of shitto...


That's is it.

Exhausted mode is about to begin...
Arghhh moi seriously need a quickie BREAK...
Need to cleanse the soul and clear mind from the hectic chaos.

Tawau/Semporna/Mabul/Sipadan Island...i would love to embrace yr beauty and i'll come to u soon...InsyaAllah :)

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