Monday, June 14, 2010

Lets M & M Marathon...

Hi everyone,

Its been a while since last update. Currently moi in Ms A.A's crib due to the immense pain from the toothache issue. Yes, it is an issue up until moi having a clear gut to make crutial desicion. So until then lets bare the pain :( Fret not. Aint able to take it anymore any longer.

Well, for the past fortnights moi is soo damn stressful and totally out of glee. No netbook. Toothache issue. Pretty bad combo huh? So, in order to minimise the so-not-happy-moments moi had bchenta cheummm molot ngan moi's super bestie..super duper mocking and "maki"ing but moi lovin it :) !!!

Anyhoots zillion thanks to Ms A.A for the companionship during moi's worst mood state. Mood swing. Super sensitive. Super mengade2. Super sakit gg tapi nk gak melantakss cm vavisss :P
Proud of you dearies bestie. *kehebatan ko menghadappp ketidakkk "center"an otak aku mmg takkkk diragui lg and tq darlss sbb you manage to bare all these calmly.

Lebiuuu mucho2 (*_^)V

Due to the matter mentioned above, these past 2 weeks moi got to kill time since nothing much to do after work *netbook sy sakit. remember? The best possible movement that can be implemented is to make a move to the nearest cinema and lets feast-moi-eyes marathon by watching movies. Yeayyy thou gg sakit cm hampeh so before hit the cinema jom telan 1000mg ponstan supaya gg dan jiwa tenang ketika menonton :(

And presenting the movies that had been watched...

  1. Robin hood ---> Moi is soo into epic movie which serve the intense sequence of warfare and ohhh yesss the old men in this movie is HOTTTT :) *gatal sehhh aku

  2. King of Persia ---> Likey!!!

  3. Shrek Final Chapter ---> Super hilarious as usual. Keen of all Shrek chapters. Awesome :)

  4. IP man 2 ---> Martial art kinda movie is totally moi's thingy

  5. Lagenda Budak Setan - bley thn kuar hingusss gak r tgk citer ni :p cedeyyy :( tp suke r lagu Bila Cinta.

  6. Karate Kid ---> Definitely reminds moi of recent Beijing trip. Great Wall, Olimpic Stadium, Wan Fujing Street, Summer Palace...Ohhh winduuunye :)

  7. A-Team

And quess what, Ms A.A want to see Singam but we are not lucky enuf coz it was full house Muahahaha

Menciksss r xbley nk update pic sbb td br maki HP sbb gile lempss nk fix netbook...arghhhh vaviss laaa :(

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