Monday, June 21, 2010

Mabul/Sipadan Island of Paradise

Yuhuuu Holaaabackpackers,

Thanks to bestie, Ms Puteri Norashegin for arranging the last min trippy plan. Lebiuuu darls :) At first, moi have several constraints and decided not to go for it but nayy *sy edakk ler sekuat mane utk sayyy NOoo to this irresistible beachy trip to Mabul/Sipadan Island - the well-known world diving paradise!!! hell no must be very disappointed if cant make it *sumpah rs myesal seumur hidup if x jadi pegi :(

Here the itinerary for upcoming beachy trip.

  1. DAY 1 (3/7/10) Arrival / Tawau / Semporna (-)
    - Meet on arrival at tawau Airport at 5.35pm
    - Transfer overland to Semporna jetty by scuba junkie pick-up van
    - Overnight at Semporna Scuba Junkie dorms in longhouse *yeayy moi likey the kekampungan home stay :)

  2. DAY 2 (4/7/2010) Semporna Jetty / Mabul Island (B/L/D)
    - Breakfast at SJ
    - Proceed to jetty for boat ride to Sibuan Island.
    - Lunch will be provided
    - Snorkeling activity
    - Overnight at SJ longhouse

  3. DAY 3 (5/7/2010) Mabul / Kapalai
    - Proceed to jetty for boat ride to Mabul/Kapalai Island for snorkeling.
    - Own activities at night

  4. DAY 4 Tawau
    - At 8.30am, transfer by boat to Semporna jetty then to Tawau airport

Neways, the overall estimated eco budget will include:

  1. Ticket flight return from LCCT - Tawau Airport : RM 30 (credit to AA for the cheapest tic ever :) )

  2. Transportation from Airport to Semporna Jetty: RM 80 ( 2 pax) - pay less if more people share the van.

  3. Accommodation - SJ Longhouse dorm: RM 20 per pax per night ( 3 nights)

  4. Snorkeling trip to Sibuan/ Mabul and kapalai: RM 100 per trip (2 trips)

  5. Transportation to Tawau town by local minivan: RM 20 per pax

So, lets calculate...overall amount will approximately 350++...

Mari meroyansss bersama2 smbl menikmati keindahan gambar2 panorama flora fauna ye ibuk2 bapak2 sekalian...

Hopefully, with this peaceful trip it will refresh or rejuvenate moi's soul by embracing the beauty of Allah swt creation. InsyaAllah :)

* Yg pasti, sy nk mengaummm seafood smp lebamm mesti murah ehhh!!!

P/S: Thanks boss for the leave approval. Haha inilah personal matter yg dimaksudkan. Moi totally need this vaccay to perform better in future kerna dirikuuu sudayyy lemauu berada di LC ini :( *amcam bley terima x alasan poyoo sy ni muahaha...hadappp :)

Baiklah, perlu kembali berkelaja menyiap coaching moaching nye IDR batch 169.

Attention to batch owner 169, yr beloving trainees sgt la lemau byk sehh dorg wrongly tagging report iCOMs...plss allow me to coaching moaching them occay *muahaha sj je wat ayat kontroversi jgn mrh en.syimi nnt kena jual :p

Lepas abes keje, nak plak jimba2 kt Pesta Pasar Makan2 kat bawah SH...adeyyy tulun sy yg gile DOMOKKKsss ni :(

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