Monday, June 28, 2010

Moi despise Loser :(

Used to waste love, time, money and sacrifice life with a LOSER for years...

Promise moiself not to involve with ppl who doesnt even bother to grow for self-improvement and head up towards betterness.

Sicken of thinking for other ppl mess. Immensely fed up.

Y should moi bother about other ppl's problem?

Moi disobey this promise. Moi screw up and mess my life once again.

Moi hate something that is useless and hopeless.

What on earth am moi thinking???

Why the wrong feels so right???

Maybe i am way too far???

Perhaps :(

Super benci kat org yg loser yg suke myusahkan hidup dorg sndr and secara x lgsg myusahkan hidup org lain gak...

You should be ashamed of yourself..

You dont deserve good ppl around you...

P/S: PMS mode :(

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