Friday, June 25, 2010

Ms A.A With A.A sM :)

Salam bloggers,

Amore friday :) Moi is off today. Yeayy! What's the plan for today ehh??? Let me let me think of sumthg that can be done to occupy moi's beautiful frietag. Sumthg good indeed. *tapi xde geng r plak if nk ajak g lepak2...sume keje adeyy :(...oppss wait the min...Ms A.A is on MC flu katenyee...chanteek r bley g kacau dia...flu je kot so acah2 teman g clinic then bley trus g hanging out smbl berW-shopping :) asl bley je hakuu ni asl smpt je nk window-shop, KEJI occay!!!

Ohh last week, Ms A.A went to AA flight attendant opening vacancy. Go imagine my deariest boyishfriend wearing skirt bermake-up bagai...Hell, since moi known her, she will never ever wear skirt and make up???kiddin me...

Anyway, she looks good in skirt and i love to see her face with make-up. Ala2 cam Misya Omar gitu :) ahaksss mati aku kena libas pala laju2 if minah ni baca entry ni muahahha

Ms As Ahmad

Ms A.A a.k.a Acah2 Misya Omar :)

Ms Ain Ahmad a.k.a moi

Recently, it's been such a tiring week since moi gotta to be based at SH. Definitely, SH is such a conjested place with ppl plus it does make moi feel like being in India...achaa with the Bollywood songs, saree maree bagai thou moi liking it :) Travel back and forth on daily basis from LRT Tmn Bahagia to Masjid Jamek does require alot of energy. *Fat burning plus super basah my lil ketiakss aku ehh walking down from the LRT station to the aisle of the bazaar until reach SH...Before moi arrived 17th floor, surely in moi's hand there will be 1 cup of juice with mix fruits *harusslaa smpt je aku mbeli dan belah ke keleja wehhh :p

Now, in SH the call centre is fully decorated in WORLD CUP FEVER theme. So, u can see all the world's cup flags...balls hanging here and there...and the best thing it's a JERSEY DAY every Tues & Thurs. *Beshh ehh g keje xyah nk berformal bagai pakai jersey gan jeans cam nk g lpk kedai kopi tgk bola gitu...Gayyyreeekk :)

SH level cup deco :p

Alamak, da lmbt nk g amek Ms A.A g clinic. Nnt smbg update ehh :)

Take care.

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