Saturday, July 24, 2010

Blockbuster Deal :)

Hi to all blogger,

It's Saturday u'ols...Lets jump off from the bed now bcoz we are going to have fun today :P

Attn to all tagged LDD, arent u'ols ready for our session "karoake-nyanyi-smp-lebam-smbl-mengaum-hidangan-buffet-terbaekkk-dr-dapur-RedboxRia" muahahaha :P

Aside to munie, im coming with u yeah darling...

Anyway, today's schedule is pretty tight...Need to head off to my aunt's house at DU. Before that, gotta go to the office to settle stuff.

Ohh man, today is not really a good day to start with but hell, moi manage to pull the stress away.

Today, moi got summon tic from the police. Moi called him the babinoss police coz he's fuckin bias as he only sees moi turned at the wrong junction. Other vehicles he passes them by.

So, hamekk aku dpt surat chenta after moi had a lil arguement with him. Here the conversation between moi and the babinoss police.

Babinoss police: Nape awak u-turn kt situ tadi? Mane bley u'turn kt situ?

Moi: Ohh yeke xbley u' tgk sume org u'turn je kt situ ( cm sengal x aku argue cm aku bagoss dh salah diam sudeyy:( )

Babinoss police: Ehh awak xnmpk ke signboard no U''turn kt situ?

Moi: Ehh xsmpt r plak nk nmpk signboard tu sume tgk ramai u'turn kt situ so sy igt bley u'turn...Sorry encik.

Babinoss police: Bagi sy IC/Lesen? ( Moi pass to him IC and license with no pic) Then he asked "lesen yg ade gbr?"

Moi: Nahh ( smbl korek2 dlm purse ) Encik, nape kete lain encik xtahan tp sy encik tahan?

Babinoss police: Sbb sy nmpk awk org 1st yg u'turn kt situ?

Moi: Arghh bullshit...that's nonsense...there was other cars in front of me occay encik? ( Akuu dh hangin xpuas hati)

Babinoss police: Ok fine, i give u the summon tic.

Moi: Yes, go ahead give me the tic. Dah la bias. Sy xmasa occay encik. Bole cpt skit x? Sy ade hal ni. ( sebaik polis tu xlempang hakuu suke suki je ckp dia bias hahahha)

Babinoss police: Dia jln kt dpn kete tgk roadtax.

Moi: Aku tutup tngkp psng lagu kuat2 then lama gile tulis summon...bongoksssnye polis ( wlpn aku yg sbnrnye bongokk sbb u-turn xhagak hahaha tp sbb jwpn si polis babiss tu mmg cm haram aku xpuas hati...mampuss ko la polis...

Babinoss police: knock kt tgkp aku suh sign

Moi: Aku sign amek tic tu then aku kemukkn baling kt luar tp police tu xpasan kot ( ok i was pissed off :P )

Budussslaaa :( Moi had no idea why lately moi used to fire up myself easily. If dulu, kena tahan polis je...bkn main meleleh pujuk rayu xmoo dpt tic but now easily get pissed off...Ain Ain Ain plss chill out :P

Moi is totally impaired due to this :(

Anyhoot, forget about that. After settling stuff moi promised to branch with Put and Ali at Ayam Penyet d Curve.

There is an event going on at E'curve formerly known as Cineleisure. Mm it's TV teen show Remaja organising event for some band/gig performance thingy. Took some piccas with the contestants in their costume. Interesting :)

Ni pics sesi karok plak...piccas byk kt Cik Munie tp xsmpt nk amek...later r update pic k

Moi's Saturday has over beautifully. Hope Sunday will be as Beautiful as today :)

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