Saturday, July 17, 2010

F.L.O.R.I.A 2010

Salam and hi to all,

It's to relax! Ohh yeah, today moi got invitation for a birthday bash Tengku Nur Adriana Batrisya, daughther of Put's officemate Mr Padil and his lovely gorjoeus wife Mrs Hajar.

Moi off to Put's crib and park the car while waiting for Mr Syamil and Barry to fetch us up. Thanks guy :) Car pooling definitely good to save earth. Hat off to them for their kindness hahaha :P

And hat off to Mr Padil and his wife for super yummy dishes. Goshh moi being such a piggie :P gobble up and indulge moiself with those delicious food without guilt. Yezaa :)

Then, someone talk about Floral thingy at heard about it but no time to go...Put is pretty excited and seduce ( hahaha not really) im kidding :) Mr syamil to take us there. yeayy...*suke nyee dpt g tgk munge2 chanteek...

Masya'Allah, we love all the fresh flowers thou moi barely know the spesies..but for sure, there's no roses :(

But, it's big deal...still can embrace the beauty of those flowers even there is lotsa ppl...the drawback about it is ppl congestion :(

Ok ladies, gotta go. Moi got headacne :(

Catch with u guys later.

Happy Saturday & Take care :)

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