Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mars Vs Venus :(

Hi guys,

Moi got confession to make and need to spill it out loud. It's crucial. It's been stucked and keep coming to the cerebrum of the brain and just couldnt stop thinking about it. Hell, no...not really think about it all the time but hell yeah, it keeps coming that apparently drive moi crazy...emotionally disturbance due to this matter. Arghhh hate it :( Men is so damn fuckin complex.

When we talk about complexity it always relate to women coz yeah women are damn fuckin complex too...but we are naturally born with this element of complexity. But nowadays men, they are all as difficult as we are women but sometimes they tend to be hilariously unacceptable in term of their ability to cope with their life.

Moi got 3 confession for these 3 respective men.

1st: Mr A.I.A a.k.a former bf

Alrite, u better listen carefully Mr. AIA coz im totally fed up with u. I've no idea what goes wrong with u. Dont u get it? We are over. So fuckin over. Hell, im not going back to u. No way. No other fuckin way coz im totally despise u. Seriously. I despise u not just bcoz u r not capable of handling ur own life but also u never change. OMG, man u r so pathetic. Pity u. So plsss, plsss give me a fuckin break. Leave me alone. Leave my bestie alone. U r not coming back into my life. No way. So get the clear picture of it. U and me is way too far. I'm doing extremely fine with my life without u. I had enough 4 years spending time sacrifice things which was totally crap. Wasted. Aint gonna do it again. Not with u or other corrupted guy just like u. Hell no. Burn me. Nail me. I dont care. I rather live my life alone instead of being with u. Such an asshole who never change for betterness. Stop being a parasite. Stop bugging my friend with ur so called "rubbish-love-me-cant-forget-me-want-me-back" telenovela coz this is not fuckin drama.

One more thing, i really dont want this to be such a nasty way but u seems not to get it. U know what, im way too happy with my life now. Im free from parasite. U know how it feels? I feel strong. I feel freedom. I feel healthy. And im glad im doing OK. Im thankful to Allah swt that gives me enlightment that u r just not the ONE. Alhamdullilah :)

I dont want to border about u anymore coz u r nobody to me. NOBODY. Period.

2nd: Mr A.K a.k.a undefined

I think u are not sincere to me. That y i dont want to see u in sudden. I know u r not sincere. Pls dont bother to come Malaysia just act like u want to see me. Arghhh i know u r big liar :(

3rd: Mr AI a.k.a bf wannabe

If u come across to this, i really want to clarify things between us. Seriously, im glad to know u. Im glad we had a good time. Im glad that u actually want to take me as someone important. Im thankful for that. I know u r good person but sometime the way u interact with me isnt really correct. I barely know u. Even thou, u want to speed up the r/ship process, certain things need to be clarified clearly. Relationship is such a big task for me. It's a huge responsibility. Its not only i-love-u u-love-me kind of things. It more than that. If u think i take it lightly. U r wrong. I dont know what is US. Yes. I dont know for real. I just know u for a month and u talk about married, kids and big stuff. Im sorry if i dont take things the way u want it. Its just misunderstanding coz we dont communicate effectively. Communication is the key. Finding solutions to the problem arises is the other key to establish good relationship. I hope u finding someone good and wish u all the best.

Now. i can sleep well.

Contented and Relieved.

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