Wednesday, July 07, 2010

My Mom is Supermom :)

Each year on 7 July im so delightful that it's your BIRTHDAY

Your day reminds me of Allah SWT gift to me

A mum who gave her all to raise me right

A mother like the one I want to be



Salam to all,

Moi is so gleeful that today 7 July 2010 is mum's 51 birthday. Love my mum mucho :)

Gonna meet her up this weekend. Moi is going back to Jitra on Friday night bcoz Syuk's Engagement is on 10 July 2010. Congrats Adek :)

He's so damn lucky that all the hantaran sponsored by Moi's aunties and uncles. Thank you so much Mak long & Pak Long, Mak Ngah & Pak Ngah, Aunty & Uncle, Mama Naid & Baba, Aunty Zaini & Abg Im, Abg Jan & kak Zura & Mak Ani & Ayah Man and not to forget my Future S.I.L ~~~ Congrats my dear Aida... Im lucky u become part of the family :)

Actually, moi just came back from LCCT - KL Sentral from Tawau Airport. Last night flight was delayed 1 hour and half. We stranded at the airport. Starving. Demmit :(

I told u guys we don't have to come to the airport so damn freaking early. Laparr sudayy :(

On the plane, moi changed the seat and took one row of free seating to lay down and sleep. Physically exhausted and emotionally distracted due to empty stomach. Yes, im easily get moody when it's come to hungry mode.

Still moi didn't order food from the gorgeous/handsome flight attendants coz moi was damn sleepy. Layann tdo lg best :)

Finally, we reached LCCT at 1.30am. A friend sent us back at Put's crib from KL Sentral when we off from LCCT's bus. Ooo yeah, before that moi got sumthg weird happened u'ols. No idea the meaning of it but it relates to White Butterflies.

Hell yeah, remember that moi was damn freaking hungry so moi head off to nearest 7E to grab for some food.

Bought nasi lemak and ice lemon tea and at the counter, there was a white butterfly flying all over moi. Moi said to the girl at the counter " wahh chanteknye butterfly putih tu, cian dia sure sesat dlm kl sentral xbley nk kuar kan" and the girl was like malas nk layan aku sbb da pagi dia cm ngantuk2 mengia2 je aku cakap merapu sorg2 muahahaha :)

Then, the next scene was at the food stall, we stopped for a cuppa then once again there was white butterfly flying at our table. This time moi informed Put.

And the last place, moi bumped again the white butterfly at the fuel station Petronas near moi's crib. Ohh gosh, time ni seyes gua cuak beb...mmg x la kan coincidence ternampak lg white butterfly terbang2 kt area aku isi minyak...adusss ape maksud dia ehh if jumpe rama-rama putih ni byk kali? Hopefully it's a good sign. Kot2 la ade anak raja nk msk minang ke...hahaha perasantan wey :) Ok ok jgn malu2 sila memuntahkn diri anda semua...if rs nk libass pala sy kt pintu pn tarahalll huhuhu sengal occay!!!

Anyway, gotta back to work. Need to get ready all the doc for Batch 168 to be hangover to operation. Moi got new Batch 181 next week. Yeaayyy miss classroom oredy ok! LC is cool too since got to be based at SH - the bollywood territory..yezaa achaa :) but it's aint my skill set so moi's so not into it :(

That's all for now. Take care Peeps :)

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