Friday, August 20, 2010

Big Smoke Mel B & Sdyney :)

Holy dooley yeayyee yuhuuu :) *a lil too excited...yup sy tauuu very d over u'ols :D

Out of nowhere, out of sudden, out of big-note to moiself...i am wayyyy tooo overwhelm that London to a brick moi going to that biggie smoke cities Melbourne and Sydney this mid October.

Counting day by day up to 2 more months to go...nayyy kiddin :P time flies too soon that moi cant even noticing it :) Australia is moi next trippy after Beijing last March and few months after another short getaway to Mabul Island in June.

Eversince, October is a month to celebrate moi's 27th B'Day, moi self-reward moiself with Aussie trippy as a 2010 gift. Tak salah nk bg hadiah kt dr sndr kan? Tak salah nk appreciate dr sndr and once in the while rewarding yrself kan??? (*_^)V

So far, the overall itinerary will be done by Ms Ain and other dearest backpackies, moi just check out some local muslim restaurants and famous flea market in Mel B and Sdyney.

Aside from that, here some interesting*grouse places that moi and the aussie geng shud give a shot of visiting :D *credit to google images :)

So, dh check out few places definitely must hit cam acah2 boating kt Yarra River, then g Aquarium, Mel B Library, Queen Victoria market, Luna Park, Taronga Zoo after 2 - 3 days naik flight g Sydney plak...g la cam2 whoring dpn Sydney Opera house :)

Bab mkn still lg survey...byk je Muslim Restaurant but mostly either Indian muslim nye restaurant, tak pn arabic/morocan plus Thailand nye restaurant...dan harusslaaa cm mahal...if nk mkn those food, kt Mesia berlambak better grab Aussie food yg bley dimakan & halal la of coz...hrmm bestnye tingin nk try Macaroons from Laudree...yummy :) tp those macaroons sgt2 mahal $3.50 kot utk 1 macaroon yg cenonet itteww...mati r nk kn bwk berlibu2 "moolah" ni :D

Anyhoo, is there anyone staying in Mel B/Sdyney city, bley x suggest good places to visit and cheap place to eat? :) Really appreciate if u guys can share some info :)

Al-maklum la Aussie nye security border dia sgt la ketat occay!!! Kang bwk food yg xbley bwk msk xpsl2 kena fine...motiffff!!! Oleh itu, better get well-prepared :D

Hooroo *goodbye

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