Monday, August 16, 2010

Gloomy Monday :(

Gloomy Mode.

Moi is soo not happy today. Gloomy. Most probably. Nothing to worry bcoz it's not up to the grumpy level yet but moi is totally not gleeful as usual. Monday blues? No. Not really the actual reason but whatever it is, moi doesnt really have the mood to interact or to even write this entry. So people who buzz me via ym or skype or fb chatter box or sms/call (*unless it's a need to reply/answer), aint got mood to talk to you guys. Sorry.

Moi need to spill out things but this thing is too sensitive or way too private to be shared. Arghhh this is really not moi. Hate it. But, for the sake of other P & C matter that need to be speak out, moi rather keep it in the bottom of moi's heart till it's gone slowly due to the time :(

Dear BFFs,

Sorry moi gotta keep things pretty lay low this week. Promise that moi will get better soon. You girls know me well. Aint my style to think or to bother over something without solutions. Got to find the solution and make correct decision. The only problem need to be asked is does moi strong enough to do it or have moi gettin gut to do it? Moi'll see on that then :(

Maybe this Ramadhan, Allah swt gives moi little enlightment to see things via the eyes of the heart. Not only with the eyes of the eyes that sometime doesnt justify or reflect the actual things. The eyes of the eyes that sometime make us go blind :(

Moi feel betrayed, sad, restless, intolerable, despise, hatred, anger, disrespect, hate, pinch, uneasy, devastated and start to think that moi is making the same mistake again that will take a toll in moi's life :( If it is, regret is not applicable anymore. Too late :(

Moi just feel attached to this song. There 2 vclips. 1 is official music vid and latter with lyrics.

Sometime we need to know that we women are so worth that nothing on earth can compromise it

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