Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy 53th Birthday, Malaysia :)

Hi Malaysian,

Moi want to shout out loud that "Saya anak Malaysia" and Moi is soo proud to be Malaysian. Nothing more and nothing less. Period :)

******Happy 53rd Birthday Malaysia ******

As our Malaysia day falls on Ramadhan month, for the sake of respect, there is no big celebration on our Independence Day. In former years, we did have event to celebrate the day. Moi still remember the moment when dad brought us all to Dataran Merdeka to see the "perarakan kereta berhias"...yeah it was pretty long time ago but yet the exposure about our Independence day started to be teached to us when we were kids :)

So, lets all of us Malaysian to be unite as ONE under one roof of Malaysia. Lets us practise our 1Malaysia concept and internalised it in our daily lives and our deed too :)

Moi love today bcoz it's PH day. A day off from work. Biggie yeayy bcoz moi can slot time for Raya's hunting spree :)

So here am moi with Ms.Bestie that always there to serve moi during the hunting time...tengkiu doling for yr time and yr opinion during our shopping :) Yr assistance is highly appreciated

Our must have hunting list will include kerepek mepek :) stuff for raya of coz :D

Well, as for this year, we decided to choose red hot chili pepper for the colour theme. Moi planned to buy kaftan but due to inadaptable to the body my domoksss figure...moi cancelled to buy kaftan and rather go for beaded kebaya instead :( *sy kelihatan seperti ibu2 yg sihat lg gumbira ketika memakai kaftan...ohh pity me...kaftan is soo not into for my body type...look like pumpkin in sack *cedeyyy je konon2 nk hangan2 gorjuss lg glamer mak mandir di pg raya :( sila lupekan hasrat ittewww...nexttttttt plsss :P

From nowhere to everywhere, we tried all baju kurung baju kebaya kaftan anythin in red that available in the store...you name it...we bet we tried it all :)

Then when finished with baju raya up next is sumthg for our feeto :) Went to vincci since got 50% sale...bought few couple of stilettos and gladiator sandal *motiffff gladiator sandal??? yuppp that's what i call mengile serta bernafsu naga yg xbape nk relevant with the actual need...impulse buying habit is sooo not cool occay!!! :(

After we're done shop till we drop *nayy kiddin :) only our moolah is dropping its value...pitih udeyyy terlebeyyy pakei :( then we hit Tempayaki for iftar...we went early to book our place but the guy in cashier said it's ok not to book but when we came its full house...moi was pretty pissed and tortured the guy to find table for two for us by hook or by crook *ade hakuuu kesah sape suh td xmoo amek booking...mmg hanginnn pus2 la jwpnyee :P

Last but not least, syukur alhamdullilah for the rezeki for this year Raya. Hope more and more and more rezeki for next year. Amin :)

Happy Iftar and Happy Birthday Malaysia to all.

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