Monday, August 02, 2010

No more bobbies :(

Hola guys,

Moi is freakin bored with Bob hairstyle. Got it for like a decade now. Gosh. Moi is totally bloody sicken of bobbies style. Need a new vibrant style for the hair. Desperately need to transform from DULL to WOW...muahahaha wow la sgt :D

Moi went to get a hair done at SS2 with bestie, Ms Put last Sunday. Put trimmed her fringe and moi snipped the hair into layered. Some how, moi end up look like a pathetic 80's rock star :( But who cares, as long as it's not the freaking BOB, moi is pretty contented :)

Bored. Bored. Hate it to the max. Sicken of the same Bobbies all the way. High time for some changes thou it does look like another freakin Bob in different angle. Uwaaa :(

Ohh dear makhota dirikuuu, plss do grow faster. Moi need more hair. Longer. Yup. Lotsa hair and long. Might need another decade to fulfill this dream. Arghhh sob sob :(

New me. Ugly. Pathetic but moi is quite gleeful with it. No more the same "Martha-Stewart-Bob". Not anymore. Shud moi be delightful with this 80's rock star haircut? Arggghh hadappp je :P

That's all chickas :)

Take care.

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