Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Aurora & 1st Day of Ramadan :)

Salam and morning,

Ya syukran...ya habibi...muahaha :) Esok semua khalifah Allah swt kt muke bumi ni akn start bpuase. Alhamdullilah. Hopefully, this Ramadhan will be the great month for us to do the good deed and to avoid the evillish deed. Amin :)

Arini, mcm bese training class start at 4.30pm. It's been 5 weeks now with lovelies Auroraians. Currently, we are in the midst of practising how to create report based on roleplay scenarios. After 1 week++, moi still doesnt satisfy on their performance during roleplay. Lotsa things need to be inproved, they still have problem to capture the verification/sopp processes. It's alrite. They might need some time to get used to the roleplay and to overcome the nervousness. Lil' patience is badly needed. Anyway, today moi has turned moiself to be a raksasa grodot. Mulut naga ni dh berasap2 myempering nayy not so myempering but hell yeah moi was totally pissed off. Pissed off with the mistakes that they keep on doing during roleplay after zillion time of reminders and lessons. Frustrated is the precise word to describe moi's feelin.

So here some confession to all the trainees,

Guys, i was really devastated today in the class. I got no idea what goes wrong that makes u keep doing the same silly mistakes. I am very serious about this. My job is to deliver the knowledge and your job is to learn it to yr level best. Please change yr mindset. You are coming to work and yr work need you to be focused. You are no more in university or college that you can play around like nobody business. I've been so flexi and try my super best to make this class as interactive as i can and implemented it my way. If you guys still cant cope with it and i have no problem to do it in such stern-me-not-liking-it-at-all-boring way. If that what u wants. So starting now, do ask yrself. What's the purpose of u guys coming to work? Do ask yrself what's ur actual nawaitu of coming to work? Think wisely dearest trainees. To succeed in life does require a good attitude and a good nawaitu. Seriously.

Well, lets start all over again. Freshly and enthusiastically. Moi always pray for the best for u guys. Despite of all things that happen today, we did pull off our BEST COLOURDAY on every Fridays, Thanks for supporting our Aurora Day. Here some piccas of us unite as ONE.

Anyway, enuf talkin of so-called-free-caunseling-session, while writing this entry moi just had a pretty last min sahur. Ms Betty having difficult time to wake moi up. Moi forgot to set the alarm last night. But, guess what? moi woke up at 5.20am and the imsak is 5.43am. So go figure how freaking fast moi gobble up the food. Anyhoo, thanks to bestie for preparing the food for sahur. Menu for today is Nasi putih + ayam masak merah + sayur campur + telur dadar = yummylicious :) Alhamdullilah kenyang sudeyyy :D

Selamat Berpuasa semua.


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