Sunday, October 31, 2010

26 St to 27 Rd

Yehaaaa :)

It's yr B'day yesterday. The post shud be yester date but...

Moi was shut down after taking the med and dizzied off like nobody business.

Anyway, here you go...

Wanna wish you scorpionilicious...


Thanks for treating us lunch in Just Thai...Though the food is not that yummylicious and bit pricey but the momento we had is priceless. Hope you like moi's winter sonata knitted top special brought to you from South Swaft DFO, Melbourne.

Lets see what we had for our lunchie at Just Thai...

Put's Strawberry Juice RM8.5o

B'day girl Mango Juice RM 7.50

Moi's Iced Lemon Tea RM 6.50

Green Papaya Salad (Son Tam) RM 10.00

Pandan Leaves Chicken RM 16.00

Stir-fried Kankung with Belacan RM 9.00

Seafood Tomyam RM 12.00

Deep-fried Bean Curb with Thai Chili RM 10.00

Just Thai Appetizer Combo RM 18.00

After we finished our mini B'day event of "blowing-the-super-cute-pinky-cake-and-open-b'day gifts" session. We ass off to rain forest for a lil cam-whoring back-to-nature mode :)

Bohemian style hits us this time. Moi with "ayam-serama" headband and pinky red-indian earing just to enhance the boho touch. Kinda mix-and-match to create the overall look.

Apart from it, today moi got wed's invitation of Lee Montana lil sis wedding. Torot to be called precisely is Put's buddy and he used to be x-vadsies too.

Will update the piccas later coz moi's dozziness is now ready to strike :D *yawn

~ZZZZZZZzzzzzzz mode~

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jet-lagged + Coldarticaria :(

Uwaaaaaaa :(

Body's biological clock moi mcm dh xbape nk synchronize dgn timezone Malaysia :( *hahaha br g 9hari dh poyo ehh :D seyesss la wey wlpn Aussie gan M'sia differ 3hours je but still badan rasa sgt xselesa, letih semcm je :(

Moi rasa fatique, sakit pinggang ade skit sleep disturbances tu blum kira ear pain sbb cough gan flu time flight non-stop from LCCT - Melbourne - Sydney :( *maybe thing get worst due to menstrual pain gak kot...yup, moi in red-flag mode now

Sumpah time flight g Sdyney, moi nye cough gan flu agak teruk so mmg effect stability of the body. Rasa nausea, fening2 lalat loya ala2 morning sickness pregger bagai :P

Dan haruslaa moi throw up :( ear pain xyh cite r punye sakit berdengung smp member2 cakap pn moi ala2 sound trouble gitu...sumpah xdgr :(

So, tu la kesan effect Jet-lagged, here the definition of the jetlag to those yg never come across to this sebab moi pun br 1st time, time g Tianjin - Beijing last March, ok je :)

:: Jet lag ::

  • Synchronization of biological rhythms after moving from one time zone to another. Symptoms include fatigue, loss of concentration, sleep disturbances, malaise, sluggishness, disorientation, gastrointestinal upset, and loss of appetite.
  • A temporary disruption of the body's biological clock experienced by persons who travel across several time zones by airplane. The effects of jet lag, which may include fatigue and irritability, generally disappear after a few days as the body's internal rhythms readjust themselves to the new time frame.
  • To the degree that the body cannot immediately realign these rhythms, it is jet lagged.

:: Coldarticaria ::

This happen to moi for 2nd time, 1st time masa g Beijing. Coldarticaria tu sbnrnye rashes kt skin to those yg skin dia sensitif exspecially time cold weather. Mcm skin allergic cume it's happen when the surrounding nye suhu sgt sejuk mcm below 10'Celcius. Kulit akan jd merah2 bulat2 kecik all over the thigh, butt, certain part of the body je la not all over it but the symptom might vary to certain ppl, ade yg rasa itchy tp moi tak. Cume if sejuk sgt, it's hurt a bit sbb pores mcm luke kan :( Cedeyyy sbb moi never come across to any skin problem before unless time teenage la mslh zits yg agk teruk but alhamdulilah it healed like a charm :)

Anyway, if ikut experience bile sampai Malaysia je rashes ni trus cam generally or slowly dries up and totally gone within 4 -5 days. Cume moi time tu agak and acah2 cuak yela risau la kang buatnye tinggal scar ke ape but alhamdulilah moi not prone to scar so kulit will be back to normal :)

InsyaAllah this time, hopefully it will be the same. But, anyhoo, moral of the story, next time g travel yg jauh, exspecially next year May 2011, Korea - definitely moi kena be well-prepared. In term of health, bile dh tau moi jenis prone to coldness, so better practise "prevention is better than cure" nye konsep :)

Ok ladies, moi nk bersiap g hospital KJ before off to work. Badan rasa xsedap tp masih mampu bekeleja so xyah la nk MC bagai :)

Till then, stay tune for entry trippy for MelB - Sydney moi ehh...maybe lmbt skit sbb tgu moi sume upload pics. Piccas dorg sgt santek mantek hoccay :D

Take care ladies :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Aussie Trip ( Day 4 )

As Salam & Hi all,

Friday is here again. Anyway, today is an OFFDAY...double yeayy of course! Yaabeedaabeedoo :) Ohh yeah, after 6 months yo moi is about to continue the travelogue of so-not-recent trippy. It was Aussie trip which it's so yester year la wey :D Got another 3 pending entries to be published. *Adoi y lor gile liat dan malas bile nk siapkan travelling nye entries :P

OK, so lets begin. It's pretty much important for moi to finish it all thou yes yes it definitely require some time to make it all done but then its allrite. This travelogues journal is a must sebab yeah moi nak ensure that the entire memoir to be well-documented. Esk2 bile windu bley la syok sendiri baca blk kan :P

So, where are were last time eh? Day 3 kan? So jom sambung rentetan untuk Day 4 plak ye :) *smbl usha blk album day 4 plus baca journal ~part nk igt la yg plg moi xsuke tapi bile tgk blk Aussie nye pictures adoyai gile winduuu those moments :(

Early in the morning, semua dh super excited. After bekfes je, moi AIN & EMON xsaba nk g amek kete sewa kt HERTZ company. Walking distance je from our backpacker nye VIC HALL hostel ke HERTZ :) And for the next 3 day in the loop kteorg nk g out circuit North Side of Melbourne. Harusssla this is the most unforgettable experience sbb selama g berjimba obersi xpenah plak sewa kete bwk sendiri g Countryside lagi. If ade pon, last time trip Jakarta-Bandung, tu pon Pak Supir yg tlg drive so Ok mode jakun adalah diaktivate secara spontan kt Aussie ni :P

Moi diamanahkan untuk menjadi wanita pertama dlm group utk drive muahaha *gile poyo Anyhoot, seyes wa cuak beb. Gile ape drive kt town Victoria udah ler jlnraya dia share2 gan laluan tram. Traffic light siap ade 2 bley? Satu utk normal vehicle satu lg for tram. If sape2 yg selalu drive kt Singapore, konsep traffic law dia sama je. Sgt mementingkan pedestrian ok. Tak mcm mesia. If nk lalu kt pedestrian area Ikea tu cthnye hrmm selalunye kete2 yg super noob mmg ade je yg wat bodo main jln je xreti nk benti dan harusslaa moi yg super ego pon main jalan je buat xreti gak. Kdg2 rasa nk bwk sepanduk "please let us passby bastard" ok over vulgar word sgt haha sorry :) If necessary, siap bg middle finger to those yg budus xreti nk benti. Ade ok manusia2 cm gini. Sengal :(

Ok, melalut suday. Emo nor ko ni Ain oi :P Eh cop mane td? Haa ok. Jom smbg balik. ~teehee :D

Lepas je settle payment gan staff HERTZ, she explained how to use the route from VIC town to Great Ocean Rd. Nk lalu mane sume, tapi harusslaa kteorg dh wat own research so we did know how to get to the destination using our own preference route. Route yg kaya dgn pemandangan indah kehijauan kebukitan kelautan segala la. Cume one thing je yg sgt2 diperlukan utk guide us. Cube teka ape? Ape, map? Tu mmg bende wajib kena ade :) Hrmm actually it's GPRS. Kteorg bg nama MEL-C sbb byk nor dia ckp bingit wey kejap2 "watch your speed" takpun "bare right" "bare left" ade one time tu moi shut it off jap :( bising betul :D

On the way to Great Ocean Rd, we stopped at petrol station sbb ade i-information center. Nak g amek free map gan brochure for attractions in between these two places. Moi biase la pantang nmpk bende makan haruss tanpa was2 g terjah. Sempat gak r beli buah. Then sempat gak we stopped kat Geelong nye shore. Dlm perjalanan, we off for cuppa and cake kt McD McCafe. Yummy freshly brew. Nape mesia xde McCafe? :(

Dah puas berjimba kt town Geelong g melantak gelato eskem kt funfair Cunningham Pier, then kteorg kena g shopping brg dapur sbb nak masak kt Great Ocean Rd. So, benti lg kt Supermarket Coles. Gile full freezer kiteorg stocked gan makanan. Malam tu sejuk2 kteorg dah start g kutip pasir pantai nk wat samak pinggan mangkuk periuk belanga segala. Fuhhh semangat :)

After stopped at several pitstops, finally we reached our cabin :) Thou its bit tiring to drive all the way but the scenery was spectacular. Ya Allah, sgt sgt sgt sgt sgt chantek the countryside view :) The ocean MasyaAllah. No word to describe. 

Ni cabin kteorg. Super besar. Mlm sgt sejuk. Oleh itu sume berebut duk dekat gan heater :)

Our food for tomorrow :) Malam kang baru nk jd chef at home ~lol :P Ape menu kteorg? Tungguuuu :P Suprise ok ~gedik

Alrite, thats all for day 4. Esok luse tulat InsyaAllah jika kudrat or aura rajin sampai moi update the 5th day plak ye :P

Till then, take care :)