Sunday, October 10, 2010

L.D.D & B.P.O :)


Dedicated to all LDDs & BPOs champions,

Finally, moi able to publish this so-called-entry-kepasam. Recently, too much things need to be settled and definitely no ample time for blogging *another lame excuse u olss...takkkk...betul...percayalahhh :D Anyhoot, Alhamdulilah, we made it our "Lets-get-together-under-one-roof-to-celebrate-the-last-day-of-Syawal" kinda event to happen. It's never to late for us to sit-eat-chat and be together as it's pretty difficult to gather all thou we work in 1 department. Fooh!!! Everybody has their own tasks and this kind of "LDD-u-me-us-our-time" is desperately needed to catch new hot updates from everybody. Hahaha :D

Anyway, the event was fun-filled added with Raya food and perfomances from each Department. Everybody in their vogue-the-vast Raya apparel. Well, at least that the WOW things about this event (*_~)V

Lets get hot in the piccas ladies & gentlemen :P

Ohh it's time to go mamam. Lunch time. The best thing to be at Semua House, SH is the environment in this compound. Remember moi's entry about Bollywood territory. Now, it's more cherie with so many stalls in conjuction with upcoming Deepavali on this 5th Nov.

How unique is Malaysia? Bare with its multi-racial citizen...zillions type of good matter how far moi explore other part of world...

MALAYSIA is where the heart is...Moi's home *ehhh tetibe berfeelin patriotik disitu :P

Ohh another shout out to from the bottom of moi's heart, *rasa nk throw up...haha silakan jgn malu2 muahahha Well, last night moi went for a movie. Really therapeutic. Inspiring. Insatiable romance. Soul exquisite beauty. All done by Marvel star power, Julia Robert in this satisfying indulgence movie. Love this genre of movie that actually feeding up the brain and soul. *while get influenced by the movie, moi is in the midst of "usha"ing the cheapo tic to Bali next year. Ok done. Bali im coming to you next July, 2011. Glee mode :) *Actually, moi tingin nk g India tp xgeng...anyone??? *Elekkk poracikk xde sape2 ke angkat tangan????...k fine moi duk diam2 je kt SH tu...dh acah2 cam kt Bombay hoccay :P

With love,
Epitome of Ainliciousity :P

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