Thursday, October 07, 2010

Note to Moiself :)

Every year when New Year’s Eve rolls around, moi make plans, like most people, and set out in the new year with new resolutions. Well, having the habit of makin b'day resolutions too. By lookin back on the past year of my life and think about what moi have accomplished.

Enthusiastically make a list of my goals for myself during the upcomin year of my life. Sometimes moi manage to accomplish them, sometimes don’t. Honestly, moi thought that would be in a completely different place at 27-years-old than moi am, but that’s life. Lookin back at yester’s quote makes moi began thinkin about all of the things moi ever wanted to do in life, but held myself back from due to fear, doubts, or insecurities.

My biggest resolution for my 27th year is to never hold myself back and to never doubt my dreams, ambitions, or the person moi is and want to be regardless of what ppl might think. Hell no, it's no more trying hard to please ppl surround but toward the end to hurt moiself even more. Shoo shooohh all of you -ve ppl :(

When lookin back on my life there are certain things that moi wish could go back. If moi had the chance to flashback the time frame, those will be the things that moi would envy of doing:

1. Don’t sweat the small stuff….and most of the time it’s all small stuff. “That which matters the most should not give way to that which matters the least.”

2. Never take for granted the simple joys in life. You may have a destination in mind, but don’t forget to enjoy the journey.

3. Beauty is not a number on a scale and size doesn’t measure self worth.

4. Believe in the person you are and stay true to that person.

5. Everyone else is just as confused about life as you are. It may seem like they have their own shitto together, but in reality everyone is insecure about going out into the world. You are not alone.

6. Don’t try to conform to who you think society wants you to be. Be confident and create your own path in life.

7. The most critical person of yourself is you so girl ---> Lighten up urself and somehow get loose.

8. Being a certain size, having money, or living in a certain place won’t make you happy. True happiness comes from within.

9. If you are in a tough place or being with tough ppl, generally due time know that it will pass, life will go on, and what may seem to matter now, things get better in time.

10. Nevertheless, lets Eat, Pray, Dance, Live, Laugh, Love, Dream, Travel, Enjoy and dont afraid to love and be loved again...hell yeah (*_^)V

Moi have been researching the subject of love all my life. First, unsystematic, as a girl, trying to follow the programmed prescription—seeking "the one" and living happily ever after. Next moi researched love as a woman, more systematically, confronting fantasies and failures, possibilities and disappointments, false starts, and at last, beginning 4 years ago, a love that's enduring and nourishing—at least for that never-last momento.

that love, not romance, is the love we seek, the love we need, the love that enriches life and has the potential to make us happy.

Love is a sense of serenity, with yourself and others, a feeling of contentment with your surroundings in your universe and to" just be without judgement" from others, to be appreciated by others for who you are, even if you make mistakes.

Moi going to find that special love someday and till then moi will love moiself unconditionally.

Moi missing doing all of these for the past years back...

Missing doing it and missing the ppl that involved in it :(

During childhood momento

Universitas/Schoolitos momento

Miss the "sengaling" time with Vadsies

All these momento is priceless :)

Gotta go be continued...chiow :D

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