Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Glam Nite :)

Khas buat Vadsies seVADS sekalian,

Sonokkah anda pd mlm Annual Dinner VADS 2010 kali ni??? Ohh ok...moi tahu u guys having fun to see the Wonder Balls nye performance aight??? Yeah, they were pretty much entertaining...Apart from that, are u guys really satisfied with our so called "Glam Nite" which for moi aint that Glamilious at all. Ohh gosh, let start with the moolah that we need to pay...CSR 5bucks and others 7bucks...yg part VIP xyah cite r kan :D

Slack point no 1: It's pretty rare to the employee whereby they got to contribute some money for the company A.D :( we are not making profit, arent we??? Is that worst??? Could it be the sign that we are shrinking our profit year by year??? moi puzzle :(

Slack point 2: The food. We pay for the 6 different small portion of dishes in 1 dome that need to be share by 12 ppl. WTH is that??? And it's bloody not enuf ok :(

Slack point no 3: Moi is totally not impressed by this year A.D...former years was way too GOOD compared today event :(

Aside from all the slackest, moi still support the nite. Sebaik moi dont make a big hole to the pocket to dress the fortune the ape...ishhh beria mbazir utk A.D yg SO-SO mmg x worth it...harsh huh??? *that's only opinion count from my perspective, jgn ade yg xpuas hati nk bom aku sudeyyy :D

So, today event ramai yg ladies2 pakai our latest fashion trendy yg HOT-IN-TOWN skrg ni which is KAFTAN. Ade yg mmg beli time Raya so mls nk pk2 pakai ape time dinner sarong aje yg tu senang...yg penting ade element Glam di situ ye :P

For moi, mls gak nk beria2 bagai gan gaun acah2 Red Carpet Hollywood tu coz i got the feeling that tonite gonna be a "GOOD" nite...fret NOT *nyanyi versi BIP muahaha :P

Ramai gak yg acah2 Glam Rock & Roll...i likeeee :) Thinking of that tp mls la...kan seksis2 x sesuayyy so moi choose yg decent2 saje :)

Piccas taken xbyk sbb battery camera exhausted muahahhaa sengal :D

Hot mama zareen yg gorjoss with make-up artist nye touch up while moi hanya DIY saje...yg part lips tu just pakai versaline sbb br pasan sume lip gloss je akak ade dek nun...GENCU xbape nk ade lor...hahaha adusss fail mak, nyah! :D

Meh tgk part food yg dihidangkn...sgttttttttt sedaaampeh :( *bak kate cik Munie dia masak sayo kacang tu lg sedappp...ape pun, Alhamdulilah sebaik ade gak lauk if buatnye mmg nk cut cost punye psl letak je roti bun sapu planta...hrmmm takkk ke gigit jari...xpn g gigit meja :D

Performance of the nite...Entertaining gak la...bley jamu2 cuci2 bebola mata :P

opsssy rerenda skirt u terjunkit :D

Congrats TMFL for winning the Best Performance :) And congrats to Dyan for winning the Best Glam Dressing :)

Aksi utk menakluk si beri hitam hahaha...Congrats to the lucky dude Syimi for getting the Grand lucky draw....Uwaaaaa mak gigi meja member sblh dpt Blackberry...Anyhoo, yeayyyy i likeee :D

Fooh...letih ok hari ni :(

Selamat malam Romeo :)

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