Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hati sebesar kuman :(

Dear Ain Ahmad,

berdasarkan hasil test anda, ANDA TIDAK BAHAGIA.

Entah anda terpaksa di dalam profesi yang sekarang atau anda sudah bosan dengan pekerjaan yang sekarang. Ada dua alternatif untuk anda. Anda bisa mulai mencari motivasi untuk belajar mencintai pekerjaan anda, atau kalau mungkin anda harus mulai mencari pekerjaan baru.

Tingkat Kebahagiaan Kerja: ANDA TIDAK BAHAGIA :(

Ok ok ok...if that the outcome moi get from the afraid to deny and got to take the deal...between both alternative 1. find a way to love my job or 2. find new job...the latter one isnt really into the career plan not yet before moi get MASTER scroll so moi choose the 1st option.

But the problem is how to learn to start loving my work if moi do love the job already. So, wut's the probability of the uneasy feelin that moi have of current work?

Ohh gotta it. The people that moi working with. Yes. Perhaps moi shud start from that. The people. So called people that claims they are so good in managing their tasks. They are so damn good in problem solving. They are so hilariously good in implementing their job with their EVEREST mount of EGO and not to forget they are also perfectly excel in every single decision that they make and yes they always RIGHT...our right to speak is not longer needed. It's been voided...hell gotta start loving all these ppl who are desperately hunger for PH ( Power-hungry) in order to love moi's job unconditionally :(

Moi need to start "loving + collaborating" to work with ppl who are sick for PH...who are trying fuckin hard to be recognised. Trying to show to the superior that " doing all these work...pls see hardworking and productive i am" but not feeling guilty by taking credit from other ppl work...The best part of all is when so-called ppl that handling the managerial task act like they are so BIG...goshhh big enuf up until they action and speak as CEO or GM...MasyaAllah...May Allah show the enlightenment...Begitu riaknye mereka sehingga kesalahan sendiri tak diakui but to violate other ppl integrity tanpa rasa bersalah.

If that how you define yrself as good leader...thumb up to you...hat off and spit to the making all ppl around you to despise you even more. They just act to be nice in front of you for the sake of protecting their asses...well moi going to do the same thing. Come to work for the sake of responsibility towards the work. Nawaitu of getting HALAL rezeki. With Allah swt bless. InsyaAllah. So all the ppl who hunger for power or hunger for superior it are just good if you really good. Ppl can see if you genuinely good. Dont push yrself to hard to get what u want by violate other ppl dignity. Do it professionally. If you dont know how??? go get higher education coz the process of learning will create a strong righteous mindset that you can apply in yr work have a scroll doesnt mean you are good enuf...but at least it helps to develop good mindset.

Moi pray to Allah swt to open more paths of rezeki. Pray to have strong attitude to deal with PH ppl. Pray to have strength for any malicious ppl who are willing to do anything for the sake of their own evilish benefits. May Allah swt bless moi journey to get a good life. Amin :)

Hati sebesar kuman...if hati bley kecik lg xtau besar mane :(


  1. u r not tat gud ... u r not deserve to be a trainer ... i'll will make sure u out from the department ... u'll see ... stupid ass!!

  2. Dearest anonymous sekalian...
    im not afraid...go to hell with ur so-called threaten...i believe in ALLAH swt...Rezeki aku bkn kt tgn korg...yes im not sayin im a super gud trainer but who r u to claim u r fuckin good either...sedar diri...bawa2 la bermusabahah diri...

  3. u believe in wat??? cermin ko punye diri dulu ... dgn sagging breast ko ... dgn out of shape ko ... u look so like smelly bitch! ... did u notice tat?

  4. i believe in wut is soooo none of yr concern asshole...asal ko terasa sgt ni...hahhaha lemah mindset la ko ni noob dumb n dumberer...suke hati aku la nk sagging boobs ke out of shape ke...ko ade mslh ke? Pathetic...tu je ke yg ko mampu counter back huh??? physical aku...hahhaha

  5. siapa yg makan cili dia lah yg terasa pedasnya..haha..sabar lah ain..ada hikmah dia..1 hari nnt sedar lah orang2 tu suma..