Saturday, November 27, 2010

I'm A Hoarder :(

Today moi decide not to go "Jimba-Jimba" as always and wanna stay home making another minor changes to the entire wardrobe by clutter free the wardrobe again yupp for 4th time of again :(

Ohh moi is freaking tired to see the messy clothes that overload/overflow from moi's tiniest wardrobe. It's totally out of control. Moi will keep on wearing the same outfit because after laundry either moi will hang it or just grab the same outfit as its on top and easy access. This will be the 4th times moi clutter free and donate the unused clothes/ stuff. But still, moi end up with 3 KLCC layers of folded clothes that waiting to collapse pretty soon :(

Before this moi donate to neighbour's maid, give to besties or just put into Donation Box nearby moi's crib. Doesnt feel like selling up until today when moi came across a bunch of skirts that moi barely used but keep it for years wishing moi will shrink and fit in again but hell nayy it wont happen :(

When it's comes to clothes/girly thingy like shoes or handbags /beauty admit that MOI IS A HOARDER :( it's worst that being a fetish uwaaaaa need a help from expert on how to get rid stuff that moi dont need and dont feel bad by letting it go freely :(

So how do we DEFINE a HOARDER read up this article taken from eHow :)

Webster's Dictionary defines hoarding as a supply or fund stored up and often hidden away. Sounds thrifty doesn't it?

But some people go way beyond being thrifty, with a compulsion to store and hide away items that eventually take over their lives. This is known as OCHD (Obsessive Compulsive Hoarding Disorder).

People hoard various and sometimes bizarre things including, but not limited to, newspapers, magazines and catalogs, empty boxes, cracked dishes, garbage, human waste, and sometimes cats and dogs.

The Mayo Clinic says "People who hoard often don't see it as a problem, making treatment challenging." If you suspect someone in your family is a hoarder, here are some signs of the compulsion you should be aware of. Consider whether moi is a hoarder by do these checklist:

  • 1
    Q: Ask yourself if you like to save things and dislike throwing away things, especially paper. Observe any stacks of newspaper in your family room or bedroom. Check around your computer and keyboard, and even phone, for paper scraps. Paper is a big giveaway in terms of determining your status as a hoarder, especially old paper.
    A: Moi definitely love to keep track things like keeping aside all the receipts, feel bad to throw stuff especially when you struggle to get it, love to collect paperback, store unused items in the boxes thinking of future use and no not all things moi will keep. It's only personal stuff like clothes, make up or magazines. - Checked

  • 2
    Q: Notice your electronics. If DVDs and VHS tapes you never watch are spilling from their storage places, you may be a hoarder. If you keep your phone messages for no reason except that it hurts you to delete them, this may also be a sign.
    A: Not an electronic or gadget freak :P - Unchecked

  • 3

    Q: Be aware of what your computer says about you. Are you the proud owner of a cluttered computer screen desktop, filled with icons never deleted or placed in folders, because you just like to see them or have them around? What about that Favorites list on your computer? More than 50 on your list may qualify you as a hoarder.

    A: Moi hate too many shortcuts or zillions files at the desktop screen - Unchecked

  • 4

    Q: Listen to that voice in your head. If you feel overwhelmed by the idea of getting rid of stuff--if that voice rationalizes, "But I might need it someday," over and over again--this is a clue.

    A: Only personal stuff like clothes, make up thingy, magazines,cute/brand paperbacks, receipts and handbags even it's torn out :( - Checked

  • 5

    Q: Realize that if you find yourself going out to buy more and more organizers, drawers and baskets--containers of any type--it may be because you keep collecting more things you never wish to purge.

    A: Yes, definitely. Moi got a total of 15 boxes in the bedroom for storage in vary sizes. Box to store receipts, box for make up that moi doesnt feel like throwing thou the maskara dries up oredy :( Box for cards/presents/gift since formers years...yup i still keep B'day card when i was 15 :) And moi collect almost 200++ magazines feelin bad to get rid of it :( - Checked

  • 3 Checked points out of 5 :(

    Even it's so hard to admit that it's time to letgo moi's clothes to you girls/ladies/woman out there who keen on pre-loved items and if you guys share the same size consider yourself lucky coz moi is about to sell out the shirt/tops/skirts/short pants that moi love most. Moi's size is between L and XL...yeah pretty curvilious and voluptousilious a.k.a domoksss :P

    Vertical greenish long sleeve (XL)
    RM 15

    Greenish checkered collar shirt (FS)
    RM 19

    Black greenish Kimono top (FS)
    RM 15

    Silverish sheer top (FS)
    RM 19

    Brownish blue cotton lycra top (FS)
    RM 19

    V/X exchange pinko skirt
    RM 10

    Blackish flowery skirt
    RM 29

    Comma white silverish flower print skirt
    RM 25

    Pinkish flowery skirt
    RM 29

    Bohemian skirt
    RM 29

    Blueish peacock Indiana print skirt
    RM 29

    Greenish wideous skirt (XL)
    RM 29

    close up

    Boho Indiana Reddish/Pink Long maxi Skirt
    RM 29

    Bohemian browish/blue print Long maxi Skirt
    RM 29

    Esprit ruffle skirt (XL)
    RM 35

    Soft black lycra skirt for office wear
    RM 35

    LEVIS Original denim skirt
    RM 39

    backside close up


    Black short / hot pant
    RM 20

    Flowey pinko short for beach wear
    RM 25

    So, gorjeousss if you interested or seems to like any of these pre-loved items, do not hesitate to text moi occay thru dis no 0173709589 :)

    Happy Saturday and Happy Shopping too :)

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