Friday, November 19, 2010

Lazy Freitag :( Pinko Fridayo :)

Today is friday.

Friday for today is pink day.

Everybody need to look pinky minky and make Ms Ain lazily happily ever after by supporting the pinko minko day.

On our pinky pinko minko minky day, we did our photoshoot *credit to Ms Marjorie Melancolico for being the lovelies photographer and had our lil MNG session successfully.

Yeayyy...thanks dearies for making our pink day and also bravo for making our mango session come true :)

p/s: Temaceh cik Nadia for the super delicious pencecah mangga lg pedas dan lazat. Berbaloi2 wlpn senget benget bahu saya bwk 8biji mangga gemuk2 special utk kite semua :P Licinnnn clean n clear :)

Well...wut else that makes today so special???

Hrmm, today is 19th so today 1901 is having their special day. You can get chicago chicken for 3bucks only..Likeyyyy :)

Moi bought 3 "food-for-friendship"hotdogs and grabbed 3 bottles of Bliss yogurt for only 11bucks and 3 small Nestle Yoco for 10bucks...*aduyaiiii gile memborong :( xpe bwk sume2 ni g umh tok ramai yg bley tulun abeskannnn :D

Last but not least...Happy Toilet Day :) *Tandas bersih lambang keperibadian yg bagusssss :)

Happy Weekends Ladies.

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