Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mary Kay

Event: Model of Beauty Search by Mary Kay

Date: Saturday, November 13 · 2:00pm - 5:00pm

Venue: Fortenberry-Slate Training Center
28-3 Jalan PJU 5/11, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara.

Description of the event:

All you gorgeous ladies, let's have fun and do a Makeover. It's absolutely FREE!!
Enter the Mary Kay Model of Beauty Search , the winner will:
- be featured as a model of beauty in an upcoming issue of 'The Look'
- get free professional makeover by a professional makeup artist & a professional photoshoot
- get Mary Kay Color Compact & color products

Hurry! This is your last chance to enter, closing date for the contest is 15th November.
Register NOW as seats are limited, bring 3 guests & get a GIFT!
All who attend can enter a lucky draw & win a Mary Kay fragrance worth RM 100.

Refreshment & snacks will be served.

This makeover is FREE, join us & you could be one of the Mary Kay Model of Beauty.

For more details pleace contact:
Shahanaz 012 3270118
Mimie 0175090287
Mas 017 3231916

See You soon! :)

Registration is at 2pm

p/s: moi copy n paste the details from the fb event muahaha :)

So here we were for few couple of hours. Joining up the workshop from Mary Kay. It was totally free and we had so much fun. We started our skin care regime using Mary Kay product and enjoying ourselves during the Make Up toturial from Kak Masz Zahuri. She is a make up artist for celebrity like Datuk Siti and pretty much helpful by giving us lotsa make up tips. And also to the event organizer, Kak Shanaz...kudos to both of you :)

Moi got the invitation from moi's bestie, Ms Ctbetty to join this workshop pretty last min. She just registered on behave of moi and Ms. Put as well. Thanks darls. Really appreciate. Since all these past week really been a super bad week for moi, this xtvt really therapeutic and kissing away all the "tensed"ness :) was emotionally & mentally distracted since past week due to certain name it...domestic issue, personal issue, ppl at work issue but's generally get better bit by bit.

Apart from all these bullshitto, moh la kite pergi menimba ilmu...ilmu untuk cantik...cantik dalam dan luar tapi kali ni lebey focus kpd ilmu utk chantekkk luaran saja hoccay...but jgn risau if dlm hati chantek it will show to the face :) *pesan org tua2 la

Wokey so here some pics taken from moi's camera...xbyk pics sbb all the way byk gune camera Ms Put...but she cudnt be able to upload straight away as she always do bcoz she got to study for her upcoming exam...Gudluck babe :)

Today lesson : Smoky Eyes in Choclicious Brown Color

We've learnt on how to create subtle overall look without looking like "Soap Opera" actress muahaha yet to established the subtle finishing by just emphasizing on the eyes and keep the lips minimal. *Ohh sgt best sbb mcm main makeup2...main hentam keromo tonyoh asl bley je but lastly we still looking good hahaha :D Okla, xde la keji sgt kan the final outcome ke moi dh mcm Drag Queen huhuhu :P

Mary Kay product dah lama kt pasaran Malaysia, cuma xpenah la tingin nk cuba sbb so far muke moi xbyk masalah...Alhamdulilah la...just pakai cleanser from local brand je. Moi pakai Garnier. Ade 3 pencuci ye yg moi pakai setiap bulan dr product Garnier. Ala 1 yg kaler kuning tu, lg satu kaler hijau plus gan yg tube dia kaler biru yg ade bits2 tu hahaha gile tamak smp 3 jenis :P

Tapi still kena follow standard skincare regime, 1. Cleanse 2.Tone 3.Mosturise and once a while in the blue moon 4.Mask :D

Dulu2 ayah moi ade ajar masa sekolah lagi tapi dah tak praktik sgt la skrg...ada satu doa masa cuci muke tapi kena baca dlm hati bile dh abes cuci br lafaz then proceed gan selawat. Doa utk keluarkan "nur" dalaman supaya terpancar kat luar *ishhh betul ke ni??? lebey kurang cm gitu la...hehehe :D

So, back to the main topic :P we did start the class at 3pm. We came around 2pm. Reserved our VVIP seats at the front *tu semangat nk belajar ye bukan gile nak interframe hoccay muahaha ok tipu mmg motif nk interframe lebey huhuhu :P

Bukan ape senang nk tgk make up artist tu buat ape gan model dia...if duduk blkg mmg ke laut la jwpn...ade kang yg jadi zombie kg pisang sbb slh teknik makeup...bleyyy cm gitu??? No, dun wory you wont get wrong when dealing with make up...its either you look gorgeouslicious or pandalicious muahahha slh wat teknik smoky can turn out to be sick panda or mata lebam mcm kena penombokkk hehehe :P

Ehhh dah dah...stop merepek. Anyhoot, abes cls arnd 5++pm. Lepak2 mkn finger food then time refreshment biasela if xmenyengal mmg bukan geng anak dara pinggitan la namanye...Masa sengal2 mkn finger food tu the model gan Annjolie join kteorg myengal...sempat la merepek2 then g wat Hand Spa...time tu ramai dah tgh duk busy menerjah kopok lekor sbb before g cls x g proper lunch mkn roti je so ape lg balun la kopok lekor karipap cheese cake segala mcm atas meja tu tanpa segan silu.

Wlpn dikelillingi wanita-wanita ramping bak papan sorg je kot yg stok kayu balak u ols...tu pn xsegan selambe je mkn xhengat dunia...dahsyat wey aku ni...dh xde kaber2 line mkn ala2 model gitu...arghhhhh xkoser mak...aku terjah je wey...siap time borak2 gan Annjolie psl nk mkn Fatty Crab, dia pun nak gak hahaha :D

Si model of the day, Shikin ajak g main ice-skating kt Sunway hahaha :D adussss dh 18thn kot xmain ice-skate...kang ade pecah ais if moi join main sama :D

Oppsyy girls that's it for today ok...gotta go...take care ladies (*_^ )

Roger and Out.

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