Thursday, December 02, 2010

Fakeover VS Makeover :)

Title: Photoshoot with Karangkraf for Mags WANITA
Venue: Karangkraf, S.A
Date: 1 Dec 2010

Today, the date have been blocked for today Makeover a.k.a Fakeover by the WANITA Team. We are pretty lucky being selected to be covered in one of the Makeover column of this magazine for the upcoming edision :)

Moi being touched up by famous Make Up artist Mrs.Kelrina as she managed to fake the fabulousity of moi's overall look. Love the finale outcome as moi look pretty differ. Magic touch can create a total of magic face transformed from DULL to WOW :) hip hip hooray moi is so liking it mucho2 :D

For today, the sponsored product use is RONASUTRA mineral makeup. It's good for daily uses as it reduce the oilyness throughout the day :) Do google if you want to know more about the product ya :)

Thanks to Ronasutra for giving us the mineral powder that cost almost RM5o. *Suke bab2 mgumpul koleksi make up ni biarpn x selalu pn pakai...gedik mgabeskan duit je lebeyyy ishhhh bad habit tau :(

Mode feelin2 perasantan santek u olss dlm ladies room sbb lampu malap2 romantika plus nmpk acoustic gitu. Ehh copp bkn if nyanyi dlm toilet ke br acoustic...Hahaha sukesuki je lari konsep tau :D Ok ok ok too much of moi pics rs nk throw up ehh? Hehehe AAK :D

Then we continue our own photoshoot during lunchie time @ OU. Cam-whoring in Christmas mode Ho ho ho :)

Love the decoration, the texture of color and the prop as well :) Well-deco moi might say. Manyak sponsors utk christmas eh. Kan best if that happen for Raya Aidilfitri. Meriah lip lap lip lap :)

Di setiap pelucuk sudut pepenjuru beraksi fotogedik wey...gile super cam-whorer tul :D Mengalahkn celebrity...over di situ Layan zasssss :)

Lepas penat cam-whore, berehat bersama cadbury plak muahaha nayy just kidding :D

Dh le tu Ms. Ain oi perasannye...skit2 sudeyyy muahaha :D Yela yela satu je lg...nk tunjuk make up dh semakin matte dan part lipstick xdapek nk nulun. p/s: frankly speaking, moi not a fan of wearing lipstick gencu bencu bagai...abes nk gorjoss pn pakai lip gloss je tp most of the time akak tonyoh vaseline petroleum jelly tu je dek nun..senang :)

Thats about it, gotta need to get ready for work. See ya all in next entry.

Nak citer pasal activity bersukan menyihatkan badan ecehhhh yoyoohoo je :D

Stay tune ladies till then...

Relax.Respect.Respond *Eh btul ke tagline 3R ni hahaha :)

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