Saturday, December 04, 2010

Gossip Girls :)

Eat.Gossip.Baby Shower. :)

Gosh it's been quite some time since last moi get together with ex-unitenian :) Yippie moi miss u guys so mucho2. Love the high-tea-gossipping-photofunia-gobbly-tantan's baby mini shower session. What a great combo of xtvt for pretty weekend. *Seyes sgt winduuu ama sume olang manyak2 :D

Not to forget, our iron-chef a.k.a the organizer a.k.a generous yaya thomey who always show her love thru her irresistable-never-say-no-to-her-delicious-foods :P *part tapau her food bring back to our home is the best of all :D *muahahha keji :P udeyy ler g mkn umh org siap bwk blk tapau xhengat ishhh ishhh dasyat perangai cm gini :) Anyhoo, tengkiu dearie alia :)

Lets make the tummy go yummy to be happy :) All these pretty dishes specially made by yaya yaaabeedaabeedoo :D

Ohh edakk le yang ni sume tunjuk2 di kedai saje :)

Time mini baby shower, moi was like excited gile duk tongoh2 puyut tantan. Bestnye ade puyut bulat cmtu. Tantan looks gorgeous. Every preggie has their own sexiness :) wlpn most of them will stoli moli about how bad their morning sickness, how bad the feet will become like Shrek Fiona feet or even sometimes it hurts for good. Whateva it is, that special about we as a women. We can feel all this beautiful pain thing for someone beautiful that live inside us. What a inequitable scarification that is so precious :)

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