Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hantu Kak Limah mkn Lecka2 :)

Yuhuu :)

Mode lepak bersama bestie & bestie's bf a.k.a ali g mkn2 then tgk cite hantu...hahaha ali muke ketat sbb kena paksa tgk :P sebaik cite kelakar cam ngangkung cume ending agak kesengalan :(

Sblm tu g pekena lecka2 kt cineleisure tu...mm so-so je gelato ni tp xphm y ramai org shuke...prefer lecka2 kt bukit bintang sbb open air ade langsir2 bagai siap ade hookah utk bersyisha stoberi rasberi segala beri2 bagai :) itu lebih best :D *eh motifff???

Ok...mls nk stoli moli so paste2 pic je la...layannnnnn zasssss :P

Mm, td sj wat application kt fb tu psl zodiak so saje nk tempek result dia kt sini sbb rasa almost 90% is damn true. Ayoyo pengsan :P

* Loves to chat - sgt hoccay :) bile dh start cam xreti nk stop :P
* Loves those who loves me - of coz la :)
* Loves to takes things at the centre - attention seeker duhhh :(
* Attractive and suave - ecehhh yeke acah2 perasantan cweettt je kot :D larikssss
* Inner and physical beauty - part physical beauty tu cam uwaaaaa cedey nye domoksssss ok next yr resolution utk yg ke 18 kali - To be Slender :)
* Does not lie or pretend - sumpah gile transparent xreti nk kaber2 weyh
* Sympathetic - mudah sympathy gan org ishhhh sgt bahaya :(
* Treats friends importantly - yeke??? if they treat moi good if not mmg takkkk r hrmm fair enuf la kan :)
* Always making friends - major speciality :P
* Easily hurt but recovers easily - most probably :(
* Bad tempered - plus mount everest of ego. Help :(
* Selfish - yeah sometimes :D when the priority given to ownself :)
* Seldom helps unless asked - true :)
* Daydreamer - day n night 24/7 sunday to monday :)
* Very opinionated and rebellious :D
* Does not care of what others think - if you try to please everybody except yrself definitely you gonna dread dead meat :(
* Emotional - such a cry baby :D
* Decisive - indecisive actually :( very hard to make desicion :(
* Strong clairvoyance - yup, moi got pretty strong instinct towards a thing and normally it's right :)
* Loves to travel, the arts and literature - 100%
* Soft-spoken, loving and caring - loud-spoken instead huhu but yeah kinda loving lovey dovey caring maring :)
* Romantic - no idea :D but definitely im lovin it :D
* Touchy and easily jealous - not really *sy hati kering hahaha
* Concerned - for ppl moi care the most :)
* Loves outdoors - so much :)
* Just and fair - libra is damn diplomatic :P
* Spendthrift and easily influenced - like crazy :D and low of self-control :(
* Easily lose confidence - yellow drop my confidence level :D hahhhahaa seyessss!

Ape2 je la Cik Ain oi...hrmmm ohh semlm g digital mall sbb nk kena cari Eisya nye camera. So here it is, selepas tawaf sebangunan utk pastikan dpt the best deal. Susah benoo nk mcari camera ala2 cute pinky minky ni aduyaiiiiii :( At last dpt gak yg cute dan xmahal sgt yg pntg within budget gitu yeayyyy :)

Hope you like it dear lil sis :)

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