Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tag & Tell :)

" Once you have been tagged, you are supposed to write a note,
with 25 random things, fact, habits, or goal about you... at the end,
choose 25 people to be tagged. you have to tag the person who tagged you.

Moi bumped into one of the blogger *moi's lil cousie ~tengkiu check her lovely blog :) who tagged moi to do as above mentioned during blog-walking. Yup, gotta write 25 random thingy about moi :D the 5 different categories of element that tell more about Moi :) *acah2 syok sendiri bley???? :D

5 personal facts:

1. Full registered name given by mom & dad is
Siti Nur'Ain Bt Ahmad.
2. Nickname called by fams ~ ein & noin, besties ~ ain & zoejane :D
3. Elder from 3 siblings ~younger brotha, 24 & younger sista, 16
4. Not pure Malay :P *a lil bit of jawanese :D
5. Moi got strong genes from dad's side specially from granny :) *so dont ask why moi being such a domokksss with Twin-D asset ~lol nayy moi just kiddin

5 Resolutions for 2010:

1. Weight lose - sound cliche, huh? Ok, to be honest is moi prone to lose and gain inconstantly. But somehow, this year moi is terribly gobble up more veggies and fruits :) *nk sedapkan hati je muahaha :P
2.Financial freedom - promise to implement "save more & spend less" kinda concept but somehow hard to admit, moi splurged too much for travelling for this 2010 year. Suppose 2 big trips per annum but terover la plak plus minus the domestic vacations :P *assume tu hadiah utk diri sendiri or konon2 self-reward :D
3.Career growth - moi suppose to enhance the career development by giving extra miles to the current job but due to certain issue that happen to moi's department, things get really demotivated and deteriorate the passion towards the work itself. Moi wish that the company will consider their employees as their main asset instead of just a bunch of liabilities :( Result: the capital of profit is generally decreasing and good staffs are turning to other better job offer :(
4.Say YES to coupledome - due to dysfunctional of relationship that totally screwed moi up, it's pretty hard to open up once again for real. It seems that singledome is wayyyy to good to be true. Anyway, still in the midst to sort out the guys who keep trying to be the significant other and yes, moi need time to settle down. So attn to whom it may concern, moi really not into guy who trying to tackle girl with their wealth *sumpah xheran wlpn kete ko ensem skyline bmw bagai :( what does matter to moi is your true heart, right attitude and good nawaitu and also the synchronize chemistry between us :D *ehhh cam bagus sgt la aku ni muahahhaa demand cam ko anak raja weyh plssss laaa hehehe :P
5.Last and not least,maybe sebab tahun ni xde rejeki lg or bad timing and too many constraints dr segi financial plus timing keje yg xbape nk sesuay so xley nk further postgraduate and terpakse reject few offers but InsyaAllah next year nk continue Master. InsyaAllah. Doakan moi supaya dipermudahkan semua :) Amin.

5 things that make moi gleefully ever after:

1. Food - from ratio of 10 ppls, 9 ppls will definitely agree that moi is so passionate & enthusiasm when it comes to food. Moi is a freaking emo-eater and enjoy irresistible food to the max :) *everybody does but sumtimes ok tipu most of the time moi can be out of control :D opsss my bad :(
2. Shopping - save money until big sale mcm skrg festive season so mmg sale sana sini like damn crazy and normally moi will shop during oversea trips. Moi realized that branded stuff can be cheaper outside Malaysia. *Adoi tax msia tinggi sgt kot tu yg brg2 import mahal bebenor ishhh xsesuay hoccay :(
3. Vacation - to keep moi sane and refresh & rejuvenate, trippy getaway to other beautiful countries is a must :) so moi start to plan for 2011 cuti-cuti sedunia :D starting March - Singapore for USS, May - Korea, July - Bali, October - Jakarta/Bandung * oleh itu, mari berjimat serta menabung demi percutian yg sukses - semoga Allah swt memurahkan rejeki utk 2011. Amin :)
4. Girlie thingy - collection of pretty clothes, shoes, handbags, make up thingy, perfumes, bracelets accessories whatever that relate to women endorphine is more that anything *im not alone kan ladies2 sekalian??? *if u married then it shud be different story la but still all these thing make us contented, am i right??? at least it make us smile :D *cannot deny our nature need towards all these :)
5. Blog walking BW is one of the way for moi to feed the brain by exploring the other's perspective, to view a different angle of how they live their life or share story that is so inspiring and therapeutic :) *not afraid to admit moi loves to follow bloggers among mommies bcoz their blog are informative and lots of things that useful from their precious experience :)

5 POSITIVE words to describe moi:
1. Enthusiasm
2. Outstanding
3. Determine
4. Passionate
5. Diplomatic

*if rs cm acah2 mual2 nk muntah...sila kan jgn malu2 hehehe :) sumpahhhhh budget cm bagosss weyh :P

*nah hamekkk cite psl perangai buruksss plak :(

5 NEGATIVE attitude moi despise the most but unfortunately it parts of moi :(

1. Blurry like most of the time :(
2. Take things easy up until moi cant differentiate which importante which not and all seems small matter :( *worst of all :(
3. Egoistic more than men and being "hati kering" without feel any guilty :( such an asshole...damn :( *adoi resolution for 2011 kena ubah perangai ego cam haremmm ni plssssss ain oi :(
4. Not sensitive enough *oso next reso :(
5. Hard to forget and forgive :( moi isnt really kinda revenger but when ppl make shit to moi, its hard to letgo. Aku ingat sampai mati wlpn aku bley terima maaf and move on but deep down in my heart you are just a piece of nothing sorry nothing :(

so to all dearies followers sekalian, i do tag you yes all of you, its because i want to know more about you. *eceh wat la mende alah ni seyes fening pala muahahaha buat la buat la buat la ehhh :D ~mode rayu2 manja :P

truly and truthful only from

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