Saturday, January 15, 2011

30 Days Photo Challenge! # Day 1

15 facts about moi a.k.a the mumbler of the.confession.of.ainlicious (*_~)V

  1. S - superficial isnt everything. Beauty comes from within yo :)
  2. I  - I love to be in singledome though few blokes trying to occupy my tiny empty heart. Best Men Win (BMW) but who is? ~lol 
  3. T - Time to upgrading for new phase of life ~wink :D
  4. I  -  I am madly truly deeply IN LOVE with YOU :) Pray to Allah swt to make us as ONE. InsyaAllah. Amin
  5. N - No turning back, no second thought and no regrets. 
  6. U - U and I is moi's fave alphabet :) *gile gediks 
  7. R - Rejuvenate & Relax and Response always be moi's methodology to handle circumstances. 
  8. A - Always have strong faith in Allah swt in everything moi do :)
  9. I - Imperfection is not a flaw for moi. Perfect is subjective to individual :) 
  10. N - Not matter what size you are, always appreciate it. Size is just the number. *haha ok moi is such a freaking liar...size does matter ~teehee
  11. A - Aku suke makan. Makan buat aku bahagia. Bile aku bahagia ko pon akan bahagia bersama aku *dusss lesing pala laju2 plsssss :(
  12. H - Hari ini Jumaat. Jumaat yg berbeda sampe aku rasa sungguh gumbira. Ya tuhanku, aku bersyukur di atas segala rejeki untuk ku. Alhamdulilah yuk :)
  13. M - Mak cakap dia akan berdoa supaya hati saya terbuka untuk KAMU.
  14. A - Ahmad pula cakap, ok itu bapa saya. Ein jgn choosy2 sgt, cuba bagi peluang. Tak kenal maka tak chenta katenye 
  15. D - Dan saya berkata pada mereka, mak ayah jgn risau. I'll be fine. All decision i made is for you guys happiness. Membahagiakan ibubapa adalah my biggest task :)


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