Monday, January 17, 2011

30 Days Photo Challenge! # Day 3

A picture of the cast from your favorite show


Moi love Friends! Who doesn’t?? Thou it is soo yesterday yet the best of the best sitcom ever! The stories are really funny and relates to everyday life of people with friends. This sitcom does not tell about those too rich kids who can’t do nothing without their parents money, but about working people, who has to work to make a living and they do it with fun among good friends & platonic friends and with laughter. The characters in this sitcom is also very interesting, and different from each other, yet they can be friends with each other. Moi love Phoebe, the girl with so much problems when young but still grow up to be a kind person. Rachel the daughter of a rich parents but still want to earn her own money. Monica, a very tidy person and like a Mom to all the group. Ross, the nerd with so much kindness to his girl friends and so funny! Chandler, hahhaha, the employee of a huge company and a great friend. Joey, the struggling actor and womanizer. Moi love them all. Envy to have this cycle of friends in life as well :)

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