Saturday, January 01, 2011

Bienvenue 2011 :) Adieu 2010 :(

Warmth welcome 2011...

hat off to emi for super damn tremendous pictureque

Anyway, lets begin the new journey starting today 1.1.2011 and lets marked it with so much loveee :)

As the new year blossoms, pray that moi's journey of 2011 will be fragrant with opportunities, bright with new hopes, love, prosperity, good health and moi's heart gonna be filled with so much love. Amin :)

Moi will open a new chapter in moi's life book. Its pages are blank. Moi gonna color beautifully and make it as precious memories of life journal. Lets this year be better than all the others. Vow to do some of the things moi have always wanted to do but couldnt really make it in 2011 :D *pls carry forward the unfinished reso yo :P

Yeayyy...its time to look for new inspirations and motivations, to achieve whats not in passed year. ~teehee :D Well, not to forget of to set up new goals and to make new resolutions, and that's what New Year all about yo :P Bring forward what's not achieved from former year and implement way to plan the changes as what we want in the coming year so lets jotting down the list :P

Things moi keep forward of doing it this year...ahha once again like again and again ~lol :D

  1. Postgraduate. InsyaAllah moi will proceed to continue Master in Engineering of Management!!! Year of 2010 is year for berjimba-jimba so motive to save just for the sake of travelling :) Definitely this year need to slow down, save for study. Chaiyok chaiyok :P

  2. Save more spend less. For 2010, moi save for travel activity and spend wisely. In 2011, definitely need to do the same but more and more and super more saving for studies and trippy to S'pore, Korea, Bali and Jakarta :)

  3. Rewards moiself more often. Since moi is happily being solomon in singledome for almost 2 years now. Able to do almost everything without hesitation :) Less headache and OMG, being single is really fun-filled, enjoyable and pretty therapeutic too :)

  4. No-more-couch-potato+Internet. More for real activities. Run for moi's life. Go jogging, gym, pump up your adrenalin. Go go more excuse u lazy bastttt*** ( no vulgar words plss huhu )

  5. Need a functional bf. Yes, indeed. Do recheck and analysis back the requirements for the future bf cum hubby. Don't make mistake again by choosing a Loser. Superficial isnt the best key. Strong attitude and responsibility is the main focus. ( so plss before you simply say "NO" to ppl that come to approach, do give them chance coz they do deserve it...ohh yeah dont forget to scan ur brain and ur heart, ok Ain??? )

  6. Go green. Recycle. Donate old items/clothes. Don't use plastics but use paper bags instead. Put some responsibility towards the earth. Bring environmental bag everywhere and every time you shop. *2010 reso in the 2011's reso list *wink (*_~)

  7. Health & Physical awareness. Need to be on fruity vege diet and urgently need to get rid few kilos before June 2011. *ohhh part ni mmg tensi hoccay, adek nk kawen kakak yg lebey2 nk santek huhu plssss la :D

    Somebody ask me the Cepu Emas Question today, are u ready to be in serious relationship and get hitch/married? Well, 1st moi go numb, speechless and ayoyoyo :( am moi get too comfortable being alone all these while? Ohh man, moi need 911 help...HELP moi to open up the heart ~lol

  8. To fullfill all elements successfully. Insyaallah. Amin.

On new year eve, moi celebrated with Ms Bestie and her new flame, Shark *aku nk panggil ko shark si jerung putih muahaha *new couple in town ouchhh ~lol and hell hat off to Abg Rehan as the main official sponsorman :) Tengkiu for treating us dinner at Marche and for the movie. *Mentang2 aku xde boyflen, ramai plak yg baik hati nk belanja ehh hehe anggap je pembuka rejeki utk 2011 :)

So, that night moi walked down to Marche, the Curve with Abg Rehan since we are neighbour hahaha aku block sebelah ko block sebelah mmg chantek r jiran tetangga bley beraktiviti sosial together2 :) hehe Malas nk hadapp jem punye pasal plus for sure nye la massive congestion with ppl :( so better basah ketiak jalan kaki dr sakit jiwa nk hadappp kesesakan manusia2 segala bagai :D

As usual aktiviti mengaum smbl berfotogedik bersama Hafez AF oberrr tau :P

nu year nu look,

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