Monday, January 31, 2011

Finally...she speaks up!

Dear Ms Bestie-no-more,

Thanks for your kind confession. I've being waited for it for ages now. Still no sorry for what you did. Wtfish? Your bullshit reasons of your real bastard act is totally unacceptable. 

Im sorry for what i said to you but i said it from the heart. Sorry, when you bumped into me and say something i just dont feel like looking at your friggin face. Arghhh it's feel like the boiling button is being switch on. You can come up with all the lousy lame reason of your act but still i think it's noob :(

Bestie-no-more, you know what? Lets me define the word bestie. Well, Bestie is someone you trust, you can rely on, you share things joy & sorrow and you being up and down together but i dont see all those values in us. So, i pray to Allah swt for your good life. Amin. I hope you have a better life. 

You are right, you freakin know me well, huh? I bet you did but yeah, i dont know what's you now. I really dont know what happen to my bestie. It saddened me alot to lose someone i care and love but we have to accept that sometimes people change out of nowhere or maybe i just dont know you anymore :(

to lose someone you love is hard,

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