Monday, February 28, 2011

Facebook & Ego

Hi guys, moi bumped into this interesting and reflective article. Do take time to read and feel free to reblog it to spread the word ya :)
We live in an iWorld. Surrounded by iPhones, iPads, Twitter, YOUtube, the focus is clear: Me, my, I. One need not look far to see this obsession with the self. In order to sell, advertisers must appeal to the ego. For example, many ads appeal to the part of us that loves power and being in charge. DirectTV tells you: “Don’t watch TV, direct TV!” Yogurtland says: “You rule! Welcome to the land of endless yogurt possibilities, where you rule the portions, the choices and the scene.”
But advertisers aren’t the only ones who appeal to our ego. There is a global phenomenon that provides a breeding ground and platform for that ego. And it’s called Facebook. Now, I’ll be the first to assert that Facebook can be a powerful tool for good. It is, like many other things, what you make of it. A knife can be used to cut food which feeds the hungry, or it can be used to kill someone. Facebook can be used for great good—after all it was Facebook that helped facilitate the toppling of a dictator. Facebook can be used as a powerful tool to organize, call, remind, and unite. Facebook can also be used to strengthen our connection to God and to each other… Or Facebook can be used to strengthen the hold of our nafs (lower self or ego).

The Facebook phenomenon is an interesting one. In each and every one of us is an ego. It is the part of ourselves that must be suppressed (if we are to avoid Anakin’s fate of turning to the dark side, that is). The danger of feeding the ego is that, as the ego is fed, it becomes strong. When it becomes strong, it begins to rule us. Soon we are no longer slaves to God; we become slaves to ourselves.
The ego is the part of us that loves power. It is the part that loves to be seen, recognized, praised, and adored. Facebook provides a powerful platform for this. It provides a platform by which every word, picture, or thought I have can be seen, praised, ‘liked’. As a result, I begin to seek this. But then it doesn’t just stay in the cyber world. I begin even to live my life with this visibility in mind. Suddenly, I live every experience, every photo, every thought, as if it’s being watched, because in the back of my mind I’m thinking, “I’ll put it on Facebook.” This creates a very interesting state of being, almost a constant sense that I am living my life on display. I become ever conscious of being watched, because everything can be put up on Facebook for others to see and comment on.
More importantly, it creates a false sense of self-importance, where every insignificant move I make is of international importance. Soon I become the focus, the one on display. The message is: I am so important. My life is so important. Every move I make is so important. The result becomes an even stronger me-focused world, where I am at the center.
As it turns out, this result is diametrically opposed to the Reality of existence. The goal of this life is to realize the Truth of God’s greatness and my own insignificance and need before Him. The goal is to take myself out of the center and put Him there instead. But Facebook perpetuates the illusion of the exact opposite. It strengthens my belief that because of my own importance, every inconsequential move or thought should be on display. Suddenly what I ate for breakfast or bought at the grocery store is news important enough to publish. When I put up a picture, I wait for compliments; I wait for acknowledgement and recognition. With the number of likes or comments, physical beauty becomes something that can now be quantified. When I put up a post, I wait for it to be ‘liked’. And I am ever conscience of—and even compete in—the number of “friends” I have. (Friends, here, is in quotation marks because no one knows 80% of their “friends” on Facebook.)
This preoccupation and rivalry to acquire more, is mentioned in the Quran. God says: “The mutual rivalry for piling up (of worldly things) has preoccupied you.”(102:1)
Whether that rivalry is in piling up wealth, or friends and ‘likes’ on Facebook, the result is the same: We have become preoccupied by it.
Facebook also strengthens another dangerous focus: the focus on other people, what they’re doing, what they like. What they think of me. Facebook feeds the preoccupation with others’ assessment of me. Soon, I enter the orbit of the creation. Inside that orbit, my definitions, my pain, my happiness, my self-worth, my success and my failure is determined by the creation. When I live in that orbit, I rise and fall with the creation. When the people are happy with me, I’m up. When they’re not, I fall. Where I stand is defined by people. I’m like a prisoner because I have given up the keys to my happiness, sadness, fulfillment, and disappointment to the people to hold.
Once I enter and live in the orbit of the creation—rather than the orbit of God—I begin to use that currency. See, the currency of God’s orbit is: His pleasure or His displeasure, His reward or His punishment. But, the currency of the orbit of creation is: the praise and criticism of people. So, as I enter deeper and deeper into that orbit, I covet more and more of its currency, and I fear more and more of its loss. While I’m playing Monopoly, for example, I covet more and more of its currency. And it feels great to be ‘rich’ for a moment. But when the game is over, what can I buy in the Real world with Monopoly money?
The human currency of praise is Monopoly money. It feels great for a moment to collect, but when the game is over, it’s worthless. In the Reality of this life and the next, it’s worthless. And yet, I even covet this false currency in my worship. In this way, I fall victim to the hidden shirk: Riyaa (showing off in worship). Riyaa is a consequence of living in the orbit of the creation. The deeper and deeper I enter into that orbit, the more I become consumed with gaining human praise, approval and recognition. The more I enter that orbit, the more I fear loss—loss of face, loss of status, loss of praise, loss of approval.
But the more I fear the people, the more I become enslaved. True freedom only comes when I let go of the fear of anything and anyone other than God.
In a profound hadith (Prophetic teaching), a man came to the Prophet (pbuh) and said: “O Messenger of God, direct me to an act, which if I do, God will love me and people will love me.” He (pbuh) said: “Detach yourself from the world, and God will love you. Detach yourself from what is with the people, and the people will love you.” [Ibn Majah]
Ironically, the less we chase after the approval and love of the people, the more we gain it. The less needy we are of others, the more people are drawn to us and seek our company. This hadith teaches us a profound Truth. Only by breaking out of the orbit of the creation, can we succeed with both God and people.
So while Facebook is indeed a powerful tool, let it be a tool of your freedom—not a tool of your servitude to yourself and the assessment of others.

Bye-bye Feb, Hello March!

Between FB and the ego place,

Saturday, February 26, 2011




Friday, February 25, 2011

Moi is Lucky...NOT!

As salam,

Setiap hari adalah hari yang bertuah utk moi sbb dapat menjalankn hidup dgn indah tenang aman dan damai tanpa sebarang masalah. Haruslah perlu bersyukur untuk itu. Alhamdulilah :)

Tapi hari ini, nasib kurang menyebelahi moi. Kunci kete moi dgn selambenye patah di dlm lubang kunci kete Satria time nk g keje. Wallaa...terbaekkk!!! ganas itu mmg sikap semulajadi sejak azali ye :P Skrg ni moi mmg fully utilize kete kontotku itu. Kete mude-mudi time U dulu. Persona plak bagi kat mak pakai sbb mls nk drive sorg2 pakai kete yg acah2 family car ni. Lagipun, kt KL ni, senang kot nk g sana sini naik kete kontot yg ala2 town car sbb jimat serta berbaloi-baloi. Parking pon senang nanti, betul tak? Ecehh :D

Nak dijadikan cite, moi kecuakkan melanda diri sbb xtau nk g keje cmne. Takkan nak amek EL plak, tidak begitu logik decision making di situ. Okay, hayat mau poyo huhu Nak g ofis naik cab, mmg tak berani sbb penah ade bad experience gan pakcik teksi yg gatal lg pervert. Ok, akak phobia di situ. *mak pesan jgn pakai seksis2 tapi mmg tak la, pakai baju kurung pon blum tentu selamat ok! Org skrg bkn kira, mane sempat je. SubhanaAllah takutnye :(

So, dgn muke setebal 18inci meminta ehsan ofismate moi yg sgt generous dan sgt baik hati, Ms Tuti Manjalara utk menumpangkn diri ke keleja. Moi is quite lucky yes consider myself lucky sbb despite the obstacle yg ade masih ade insan yg sudi mbantu. Aduyai, sedeyyy noo munyik. Actually, moi is one of those ppl yg sgt rasa xselesa utk minta tlg. If anything happen, sure2 try ejas settle sendiri unless mmg tak termampu. Then, baru mtk tlg. Apakah begitu? Egokah? Segankah? Atau gedikkah? Maybe gedik kot ~lol :D

Ohh satu lg perkara menyayat hati, lately class moi start kul 4.30pm abes late midnight 12am onwards. Semlm one of my trainee accident moto berlanggar gan kete. Aduyai, sedeynye. Tu la constraint keje lewat mlm, sgt bahaya. Trainee2 yg perempuan plak bahaya balik midnight. Public transport dh la xde kena naik teksi. SubhanaAllah mtk simpang perkara2 yg tak baik dr terjadi. Sometimes, moi yg drive sorg2 pon takut bile dah tgh2 mlm nk balik umah. Dah la parking basement creepy, harusla kena drag sorg ofismate utk teman then anta ke kete ofismate tu plak. Then bile kat traffic light pon agak cuak if xde sape2, normally if jln clear moi mmg langgar lampu merah tu. Tak berani nk tunggu lama2 sbb dgr kes Nasha Aziz kena rompak 40K kt traffic light, cukupla mencuakkan. Tapi, apa pun, moi redha gan tawakal je. Berserah kt Allah swt. Minta2 dijauhkan sebarang perkara yang tak baik dan minta dipelihara. So far, Alhamdulilah. 

Ok la, esok baru fikir nak settle hal kunci kete. Cmne ley patah, gile incredible hulk ke ape la makcik Ain ooi...hagak-hagak la nk mganas pon. Its ok, esok g cari lock smith ohh bukan will smith ye hahaha Hopefully, si tukang kunci tak nanges tgk kunci patah aku yg horror ni. 

Zaman tok kadok dolu-dolu gan kete kontot zmn U siap ade sticker P, moi gan hero2 Malaya 

Personalicious bagi mak eh, baru anak mitshali eceh :P

unlucky but lucky, 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ape kata Dr.Fadzilah Kamsah?

Sana sini kt news feed FB tu sebuk dgn ramalan Zodiak ikut bulan kelahiran from Dato Dr.Hj Fadzilah Kamsah. 

Jom, moi nak share ape kate Dr.FK psl mereka2 yg berbintang LIBRA a.k.a Octoberian ni :)

Amboi Dr. FK siap thumb up lagi. Bagus eh geng Octoberian ni Dato??? ~lol *perasantan deh :D  

Mari mengungkap setiap point ramalan sama ada auta atau fakta eceh hayat xbley bla mengungkap katenye haha *suke suki je ckp auta, ya ampun Dr.FK :)

  • Tidak pandai berbohong / berpura-kura ---> tepat, jgn suh moi berbohong sunat atau wajib sbb agak kureng skillful di situ. Pasti kantoi di tgh jln. Berani kerana benar wlpn tidak melakukan perkara yg benar huhuhu :P
  • Mudah rasa simpati, baik dan mementingkan kawan ---> Memang cepat simpati, susah nk say NO, acah-acah baik padehal xpon haha dan agak mementingkan bestie. Gigirl friends dulu br Boboy friends ayoyo lariksss :D ok la tu ladies 1st wut???
  • Hatinye mudah terusik tapi merajuknye tidak lama ---> yeke, its more like easy to forget & forgive tapi once merajuk bley tahan lama gak sbb hooyeah kapala batu itu EGO besar juga :P
  • Tidak menolong org kecuali diminta ---> gile hati kering tapi ye kot...ishhhh agak keji di situ :(
  • Suka melihat dari perspektif sendiri ---> ayat sopan sgt tu. Put it this way that i dont care what ppl thinks as if i rather be hated to be me instead of be loved for being some1 else. Sumpah selfish :(
  • Tak suke terima pandangan org lain ---> A'ah la. Tak bape nak LIKE. Tapi agak2 r xde la up to the level smp jadi "i-am-ms-know-everything-your-idea-is-not-matter-at-all". Moi tend to agree for disagree but in certain circumstances je. 
  • Daya firasat yg sgt kuat ---> yup, moi's nye 6th sense, instinct selalu mmg persis dan tepat dgn ape yg dirasai. Bagus bile instinct kuat ni sbb it gives signal of sumthg yg buat moi supaya jd alert/beware :)
  • Suka melancong, sastera dan seni ---> yezzaaa, btul btul btul :D moi is so into all of these yo :)
  • Penyayang, pengasih & lemah lembut ---> caring & loving tu ye kot tp part lemah lembut tu xbape nk kena is so damn loud...mane celah wey lemah lg lembut nayyy :P
  • Boros & mudah dipengaruhi persekitaran ---> uwaaaa, mmg kena setempek atas btg hidung ni :( 
  • Suka berbual ---> bergossip, anyam ketupat smbl mengumpat ishhh xde la...mane ade ~lol mulut saya didesign utk mengaum mknan je tau muahahaha yela tu :D
  • Suka org yg syg padanye ---> love people who loves & adore moi. Sgt terharu-biru-jingga segala kaler warna-warni mcm halo atas kepala hoccay!
  • Suke ambil jln tgh ---> take things easily, aah la. Asal bley je tau ishhh mmg xbley bla :(
  • Sgt menawan & sopan ---> menawan-tetawan tu konon2 ade la skit kot *pengsan tapi sopan tu ala2 seperti tidakkk lgsg ye ohh not even close pon :S
  • Kecantikan dlm & luar ---> meh sini nk belek skit kt mane yg santek dlm & luar tu!!! ~lol :D
  • Sentiasa berkawan ---> abes tu xkan nak berlawan kot. Org tua selalu pesan berkwn biar beribu bechenta biar satu...ishhh karut la...nak bechenta biar 18 bley takkk??? hahaha *meh tempeleng kasi center skit otak tu :D
  • Cepat marah ---> cpt mrh cpt cool...elek r :P
  • Mcm pntgkan dr sndr ---> ehh? ishhh xsesuay cm gitu...xmoo la selfish2 ni :S
  • Emosi mudah terusik ---> emositional NOT la...akak selalu chill2 popo je :D tapi tgk cite sedey nangis tak hengat hingus meleleh2 adoi harusla tu emo namanye :P
  • Suka berangan & pandai bercakap ---> day-dreamer i like, dh kate suke berbual mesti kena pandai ckp if tak tdo sume org dgr cite karut lg membuhsankan...apakah???
  • Emosi yg kelam kabut ---> agak kekelam kabutan serta emosi yg kurang stabil di situ ye :D
  • Romantik dlm percintaan ---> romangedik ade...ko ado??? haha keji :D
  • Mudah terusik hati & cemburu ---> jeles meles ni xsgt kot...ishhh xkoser la nk layan :P
  • Ambil berat tentang org lain ---> agak la cume sometimes terlebey kepochi...motifff???
  • Suka kegiatan luar ---> betul. Suke berjimba-jimba smbl beriang-riadah bersama org tersyg :)
  • Mudah patah semangat ---> not really. Strength is the key to move on yo :)

aku libra, engkau?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day with Love :)

As salam semua,

Minggu ini penuh dgn aktiviti kasih sayang dan percintaan. Eceh gile asmaradana nye statement ~lol

Teman bestie ke majlis kahwin cousin dia, malam ade jejak kasih with "the-person-i-used-to-ignore-for-the-past-2-years-but-never-give-up-on-me" untuk pertama kali after few attempts yg failed.

Aksi gedik santai di majlis kahwin yg gilang-gumilang seperti biase harus bin wajib la perlu ditempekan di sini dgn cargasnya :P

Pulang dgn sedikit perasaan sentap dan acah2 irihati yg terkawal kerana tiba2 berasa majlis perkahwinan adalah indah dan terlalu byk kasih syg di antaranya. Kami dua dara pinggitan hanya mampu mengidam utk memiliki majlis yang seperti diimpikan satu hari nanti yg kurang pasti "nanti" itu bile? ok dah dah dah sila sapu air mata gan hingus leleh2 gile melankolik ko punye hayat ain...bley buat org terjun bangunan punye simpati punye pasal :D

Pulang dari majlis, mode berkasih syg antara bestie dan bf terchenta juga bermula. Zass trus kami ke Bangi utk  pick up Yeq yg acah2 demam kura2 4hari katenye. Dan zass tanpa was-was trus ke Alamanda utk xtvt jimba pula. Tak bape nk jimba la stkt tgk movie. Tapi movie cite Santrum itu best. Moi mmg sgt termotivate menonton cite yg berunsur survival ni. Bagus utk mereka yg malas utk hidup atau hidup utk bermalas-malasan. Sesuay dijadikan tauladan muahahaha :)

Tamat menonton, dah bermula perasaan tidak selesa. Adoi bukan tidak selesa yg tidak selesa tu. Perasaan tidak selesa seperti kupu-kupu terbang di dlm perut. Ye yang itu lebih tepat gambarannye. Takpe. Maybe its time to actually giving a real chance to new possibility. Sblm ni sebuk duk gebang je konon2 nk lebih bersikap open up tapi xpenah nk open pon. Sikit pon tak. Hamek apakah? Penangan heart broken ke dek nun. Lupekan sahaja itu semua. Lets past be past and never look back. Eceh. Cakap senang seperti membaca ABC bukan membuat ABC ye. Yang tu susah. Sama susahnye utk membuka hati kpd sesape yg mahu :( 

Jom jejak kasih. We'll see what heart says about this. 

So heart, how do you feel about this? Heart answers: I try to work on it okay. Sabar jgn gelojoh bley takkk? Baiklah Haha :P

It should bloom so pls do blooming,

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

30 Things in 30 Days Challenge

This 30 things in 30 Days Challenge is so irresistible idealistic fun-filled xtvt and it is definitely moi's thingy. Wanna join? lets check it out HERE

Day 1 -  Your favorite song
Day 2 -  Your favorite movie
Day 3 –  Your idea of the perfect first date.
Day 4 –  Your favorite photograph of your best friend.
Day 5 –  What makes you different from everyone else?
Day 6 –  A song to match your mood.
Day 7 –  A photo of an animal you’d love to keep as a pet.
Day 8 –  Your dream wedding.
Day 9 –  A photo of the item you last purchased.
Day 10 –  A photo of your favorite place to eat.
Day 11 –  A picture of your favorite memory
Day 12 –  Your current relationship, if single discuss how single life is.
Day 13 –  A picture of your favorite band or artist
Day 14 –  A TV show you’re currently addicted to.
Day 15 –  Something you don’t leave the house without.
Day 16 –  Short term goals for this month and why
Day 17 –  How you hope your future will be like.
Day 18 –  5 things that irritate ME about opposite/same sex
Day 19 –  A picture of something you want to do before you die
Day 20 –  The meaning behind your blog name.
Day 21 –  A photo of something that makes you happy.
Day 22 –  A letter to someone who has hurt you recently.
Day 23 –  15 facts about you.
Day 24 –  A photo of something that means a lot to you.
Day 25 –  Who are you?
Day 26 –  A photo of somewhere you want to go.
Day 27 –  What kind of person attracts you?
Day 28 –  In this past month, what have you learned?
Day 29 –  Something you could never get tired of doing.
Day 30 –  A photograph of yourself today + three good things that have happened in the past 30 days

Chaiyok-chaiyok of this challenge,

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

Ibu Misthali :)


Ishhh, cepat betul masa berjalan kan? Tup tup tup dah Jumaat...Tup tup tup lagi dah Isnin balik. If we got magic to pause the time between Saturday and Sunday. To freeze these 2 days :P Alangkah bahagianye :(

Amboi, tajuk entry very the mumly yo :P Ibu Mishali katenye huhuhu :D Acah-acah berangan konon2 practice make perfect nak jadi hot momma in town. Ecehhh harusslaa berangan sampai langit ke 7 bley??? Mampu??? :D

Last weekend, moi gan bestie altogether with her niece, Kikiep tomey lagi encem dan buncet spend our day strolling @The Curve gan @Sg. Wang. Such an adorable combo deal for a kid,huh? Sangat geram dgn ke"adorable"an nk kiss smp lebam then picit2 cubit2 smp lebam gak. Muahaha :)

Experience pegi shopping bwk toddler. Mmg terbaekkk utk mengasah bakat terpendam to be great MOM. Menguji ketahanan emosi dan ketangkasan fizikal. Ketahanan emosi bile kikiep dh boring tunggu kteorg soping then he buat perangai xmoo dah berjalan suh dukung ataupun ketangkasan fizikal bile dia boring gak tengok aunty2 dia sebuk nk soping then dia lari2 sana sini Haha sumpah thomey. Apepun, we both did pretty well in managing both tasks ~lol :D 

Moi never expect it turns to be quite tiring but it wasnt bad at all. It's not an easy task to monitor baby and keep bare to their movement every single sec. It somehow teach moi some values. Really. Keselamatan baby lebih penting dr baju2 chantek yg memanggil2 dlm kedai haha ngok ape punya lesson daaa? :P

Betul la org2 tua selalu cakap.  Anak-anak kecik ni mcm remedy utk kiss away the stressness. Ok, jom peace no war and make babies. Hehe sengal :) 

Aunty yg mls bw stroller maka troller jd taruhan ~lol keji ok!

Aunty cepat kikiep penat la...alolololo ciannye :D

Ok, selepas penat menjadi fairytale si ibu misthali maka pulangla kami dgn hati yang girang. 

Sayang kalian bangat,

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sunburned & Hotspring :)

It's 3.15am. 

Mode: Perut berkecak dance at this mo *frappe buzz S.F + kotiaw bsh = bad combo meal :(
Mood: Acah-acah emo & grumpy :P
Motif: Malas nk hadap emo org lain yg ntah ape2. Wasted. Immature. *over-sensitivity naturally designate utk kaum wanita, well kaum lelaki if nk emo lebey2 sumpah annoying kot so plsss la :(

Ok. Moi sakit perut. Bukan sakit seperti ingin cherry dan berry tetapi sakit seperti dirobek2 dipintal2 isi dlm perut ni :( Oleh kerana itu, mood jadi tidak bagus. Emo tak semena. Eh semena la tu sbb perut berkecak dance seperti ingin meletop. Memulas-pulas sehingga tidak boleh ke Dreamland lalu emosi menjadi berasap2 seperti volcano. Damn you Ain! *marah pd diri sndr pon tara guna :( Next time sila awasi pemakanan. 

Arghh abaikan je sakit ni, nnt pandai2 la dia baik sendiri. Xyah nk manja2 sgt. Jom ceritera psl xtvt jimba di hujung minggu. Lebih menyeronokkan. Hopefully.

Hujung minggu ni, moi beraktiviti keluarga bersama company bestie. Companymu companyku juga konsepnye. Sebuk je nk mengekot ~lol This time, xtvt berendam ala2 aquarinas. Lokasi: Lost World of Tambun, Ipoh. 

Rating utk Tambun: 2.5 stars. Biasa je. Xbyk sgt water rides dia yg best. So, tahap mencabar tu tak berape nk tercabar physical dan mental :D Tapi hotspring dia agak ok. So tambah 0.5 star jadi 3 stars. *gile kedek bg rating huhu

Admission fee dia xmenahan nye mahal RM48 kot. Package makan RM 12. Tapi food so-so je. Pelampung yg utk wave kena sewa lain RM12 deposit RM10. If hilang pelambung degabak tu org lain teramek or tercuri ke ape, burn 10igit tu. Bley cm gitu??? Storage peti besi letak bag pon bley tahan mahal RM10. Sebaik bley reopen byk kali, if not hagak hangin disitu :P 

Tempat shower dia paling xley bla, very the open air. Cuak ok nk mandi. If vogel mmg xsesuay. So sendiri mau igt yek! *ishhh perlulah sebegitu details :S 

Ohh entry ni sepatutnye lebih bergenre ceria tapi owner blog acah2 emo so phm2 je la if teraksi meroyan yeh :D

Dah mls nk meraban lebey2, meh nk tempek gambar plak :P

Bile dh puas beraksi aquarinas, towards the end sume msg2 lapar mengalahkan naga ~lol

Bila kenyang baru gumbira nk lakukan aktiviti alternative yg lain yo :)

The downside from all the things that happened was "tayar kete wa sudeyyy pancit tahap xdapek nk selamatkan" ~thanks to yeq and abg rehan sbb tlg moi tukar tayar spare :) Tengkiu jasamu dikenang :D

Dah abes dah citer. Perut still x ok lg. Nak g cr minyak panas kasi sapu itu tummy then kasi tutup rapat2 itu bijik mata. Ohh ok, tetibe sgt nantuk so mari tito.

Nite nite. Jgn lupe baca doa tido :)

Emo itu tak best,