Thursday, March 24, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday #Volume 1 segment to be introduced on every single THURSDAY starting yo yeah today...lets ramble and mumble what's happening throughout the day alrite :)

Moi suppose to spill out about quickie trippy to Singapore but nayy not today. Not in the mood to write any travelogue entry. Y not? Y lor? Saya sangat malas hoccay! Semangat kerajinan tidak jua muncul2. This week can be claimed as Super Laziness Week. Wake up not-so-early in the morning, thanks to rain drops its hard to drag big ass off bed, stucked in damn traffic to office, finish work then get back home take couple hours of instant nap and lastly opt for light dinner. Sound like pretty boring weekday, ohh how moi wish and prefer to work in evening shift instead of morning because morning make moi less productive. Sad :( 

What's so Awkward anyway...

  • Bad weather this week. Raining make moi being such a lazio weirdo women. Love the rain drops but yeah it makes moi starving for food. Easily get hungry if it's raining. No idea why?
  • Hate when it's raining outside early in the morning...arghhh it's hard to get off from bed. How much moi appreciate working in evening shift ~lol :D *perlu ke mention few times, we get it Ain!!! :P
  • Congest in massive traffic while driving manually and exercising both legs at the same time is just way to go. 
  • Worst case scenario of bad hair week. Whole of week. Frizzy like crazy :(
  • Testing the blood pressure and glucose during lunch time, both in between normal and almost reaching the not-so-normal. Its alarming to take good care of moi's health. 
And it is awesome when...

  • Movie time on the wed's night does make the week less boring. It's worth to catch movie on wed as it cheap thou the movie isnt satisfying.
  • One day to go before weekend :D Like mucho2 :)
  • Looking forward for Korean meeting. Ohh gosh cudnt believe it's only 1 month ++ to go. 
  • Missing someone so badly. Damn. Dont you miss me? :( *it's awesome when moi rarely miss someone and it's just happen for no reason. Good sign. Glad to know that  my heart is well functioning.
  • Tomorrow is RED day for the whole class. Nice. 

Pictureque of awesomeness yo!

A & A,

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