Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Et Chic @ Singapore :)

What moi wore during quickie trippy to Singapore :)

# First Day

Flowery dress: Love it Ikano, Cropped cardigan: Sg.wang, Flatted loafer: Sketches, Melbourne
Assesories: Bangles, Diva

# Second day

Long blackie cardigan: Sg.wang, Dottie whittish Romper: Sg Wang, Panty hose: Flea market, the Curve

# Third Day

Top: Stripped black/electric blue ruffles long sleeve Harem pant: Love it, Ikano Flipflop: Far East, Orchard Rd
Assesories: Rayban & Birdie necklace, Far East

# Last Day

Gray off pinky blouse: South Whaft, Melbourne

Moi's DIY Lookbook 2011,

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