Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Happy Women Day & Happy Belated B'Day Bestie :)

Hey you, all gigirls & ladies, wassup? :D

So, as for moi, this week is pretty much minggu capek. Letih sungguh. Mungkinkah kerna beban keleja atau gangguan si pujangga. Ohh maybe it is or maybe not. Whatever it is, it's kinda suffocating :(

Giving training to moi's latest batch is somehow therapeutic. Cuma masuk module untuk technical, it does require certain level of patience. Sabar yang perlu banyak, if not the naga is about to berasap kepul-kepul ~lol Anyhoot, chaiyok chaiyok dearest Moi :)

Ohh jom presenting moi's latest batch. Dearest 205C, bunch of energetic young ppl that full of enthusiasm to learn :D

Actually, entry ni nk recap what's latest in town yo. Oh ya habibi, ente sudeyy berhijabis la. Eh, merepek :) Hrmm, so last thursday, moi's bestie ajak g mkn2 in conjuction to her B'day and Yeq's. *her new flame in town - statement xbley bla weyh...igt kte ni bunch of women weyh women...gigirl leladies no more hoccay but i feel goood :) and young. Ishhh merepek lagi :(

Ok ok ok, seyes! Theme utk B'day kali ni, put request all of us to be in Muslimah hijabbis mode. Yeay, moi liking it so much. Trial to be better muslimah. InsyaAllah. Amin. 

So, all the ladies pon wearing sopan and berhijjab. Erk, moi sopan ke? Baju mcm abit tight...ohh no tidak bagus. Tidak. Salah konsep anda di situ. Maafkan saya. Tapi attempt to wear the hijjab can be acknowledged. Good job :) Apakah??? Motif puji-memuji diri sendiri? At least moi manage myself to learn it via youtube. Love the Hana Tajima style. She's like a new trendsetter for all the hijjabis girl out there. Who says girl with hijjab cant be in style or being fashionista? You are freakin wrong coz alot of hijjabis girls pull it the beautiful way. Envy all of them. 

Maka, di sini bermula aksi kami...seperti tidak sesuay sesetengah aksi yg dipamerkan. Mungkin its time for us to grow up. Being a fine lady yg sopan2 ayu2 gitu ohh maybe time is not yet for us. ~lol :P

Ohh that's all our day. 

So, in conjunction to Women's Day, Moi would love to wish all girls, ladies and women around the globe to embrace every bit of our day. Hey to all of us, today is special day so lets enjoy! Do whatever you want...go get yourself an ice-cream without thinking about the calorie...go get dressed and be beautiful...go make yourself happy and gleefully as we deserve to be appreciated not only today but every single day without compromise ok! 

Happy Women Day,

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