Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Indecisive? That's so Moi :)

Quick update on this as moi is damn busy. Ok. The busy part is pretty liar muahaha :D

Ohh damn. Moi has been such a lazy bast*** yo lately. Please excuse moi for not updating any latest entry :(

Alrite, anyhoot just wanna update about few things. As moi's lil s.i.l wannabe is going back from Rochester,NY. Say Yeayyyy out loud pretty pleaseee :D Nayy she's not back for good yet but just for the upcoming moi's lil bro wedding. 

So, what will you do when a person that live in fashionableness city like NYC wanna come back home? 

1. Wish them to have safe journey? Of course :) 
2. Asked them to buy you drop dead gorgeous COACH handbag that on 70% sale? A must ok :)

Hahaha the latter point sounds more interesting huh? ~lol :P

So, here moi's finale of last seasons handbags in mind. Decide to narrow down the searching by precisely choosing PINK in color. Hope moi is able to choose 1 from all of these :) *rolling eyes up and down :D     

Ohh now, time to vote haha nayy kiddin. Moi is having big problem to choose only 1 from all listed above. Hope moi able to choose it properly thats gonna worth moi's penny :)

Moi's requirement will be more on this details:

1. Spacious compartment inside the handbag. 
2. Handbag can be dual functions, shoulder/tote & sling bag at the same time.
3. Classic yet a bit vintage cut & pattern, not to much details like buckle or heavy C prints :(

Ok, dear s.i.l  wannabe a.k.a generous supplier. Moi'll decide by the end of week. And the moolah will be credited to dearest mommy, Makmah :) p/s: Bayar installment bley? hahaha gurau je :D 


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