Sunday, April 10, 2011

PRE-LOVED from The Rocketeer Chickas :)

Attention to all lovelies ladies...

Hey girls, wut ya doin for today? Hang out with yr gf or bf or bestie or even yr siblings, arent you? If you plan to chill out @ Ikea or The Curve or Ikano, please drop by to Bazaar KUTU MARKET, will you? Ohh pretty please come and join the FUN in here since there will be lots of online boutique that sells many items such as clothes, handbags, shoes and goshhh so many other things.

Moi and bestie are going to join this flea market by selling out our branded :P PRE-LOVED stuff such as tops, jeans, skirts, jumpsuit, handbag, shoes, earings, bangles and many more. Yes, we want you to have our pre-loved and the best part is most of the items we selling out is so damn cheapo. Hell yeah. We offer you branded stuff that we fall in love by the 1st sight or we just cant resist our impulsive buying and end up congesting our wardrobe. We want to revamp our closet for new stuff yo so hi-hi-bye-bye to old ones :)

See you guys there! 

In case you get lost, here’s a map! :)

Pre-loved to letgo,

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