Saturday, May 14, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday #Volume 5

It's A&A session so lets make it simple and straight forward ya :)

Pretty awkward when...

1. Its been such a super duper hot and dry week. Its not humid ok. Hot and dry arent really good combo. Way too stuffy :( And it bcoz of the monsoon thingy. Hell yeah, moi is sweating like hell :( But anyhoot, alhamdulilah finally it was running damn heavy in the evening. Acidic rain pours moi guess.

2. Butterflies stomach + mood swing + grumpy + demotivate + due to hrmm undefined :( *but not to worry much as moi will always find ways to kiss away these -ve feelin asap 

3. Exchange the money at Money Changer and end up getting all small notes. Damn. Its like you bring 10 bucks but u get it all change into coins. Go figure how inconvenient and the pee peeve when it makes moi's purse so bulky yo. 

4. Moi just realised that the car's roadtax due on 2 May 2011 and thot that its due on 12 May 2011. Must be overlooked. Arghhhh :(  Just settled yesterday paying the insurance and road tax. Hopefully there is no summon tickets.

5. Few days left for the next backpacking trippy and moi aint start to do anything except the checklist. Only checklist. Ohh man. Panic attack :(

And it will be very awesome if...

1. Somebody can lean me their gigantic bag pack as mine seems to be dysfunctional and limited space. Moi need bigger bag pretty plssss :P

2. And yeah moi need a dual function of handbag that work as stylish hbag but also a trendy to put the DSLR camera at the same time. 

3. Revamp the wardrobe again for zillion time as its totally out of order, overflow, messy and worst part when moi cudnt find any unrepeated clothes. Hope moi got courage to toss whats not being needed anymore and sell it as pre-loved for this upcoming Sunday Bazaar event.

4. Physically, emotionally and financially ready for "just-round-the-corner" vacation. 

5. Lastly, moi pray for Allah swt blessing that everything will be run smoothly and may us be protected during our travelling time. Amin :)

Its Friday already :) Good night peeps

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