Saturday, May 14, 2011

Friday the 13th *Part 2 :D

Hi kawan-kawan,

Today is Friday the 13th, ade tragedy dalam sejarah Malaysia psl 13th May...sape yg tak tau meh dtg jumpe moi's tok...she will tell you exactly about this saddened historical Race Riot that occured on 13th May 1969. *Ohh rindunye nak dgr tok cite psl zaman jepun dulu2 :) sedih lg menyayat makes moi to be lil thoughful and appreciate what we have now. Seriously.

Ok, thats about it. Jom stoli-moli psl plak. Ape kes???

Apparently blogspot had undergo some maintenance and being unavailable for almost 24hr. Moi noticed that early this morning dashboard draft for moi's own account cant even be logged in. Ohh mengapakah? *tetibe hidupku mjadi tidak bwarna tanpa aktiviti blogging :P ~motif sgt :D

Rupa2 nye tgh server DOWN katenye. No wonder tak ley nak login. If click kt Status Details, it will notify us pasal maintenance punye remark. Then, td dlm pkl 1.30am Saturday baru la UP balik blogspot ni. *melompat kegumbiraan bleyyy??? :P

Tapi tgh2 melompat kegumbiraan moi acah2 tersentap bile tgk entry yg posting 2-3 days back gone @ MIA. Hilang sudeyyy? Sebaik moi setting everytime entry being published, it will be linked to FB so FB menjadi liabiliti "copy-paste" utk back up entry yg gone with the wind tu :)

Abes topic blogger interruption, moh kite ce cite ce cite psl isu PHD :)

Ohh, ade satu cite panas psl moi's beshitto. *Ishh Ain xbaik pngl org beshitto wlpn perangai dia mmg bullshitto :P Better called her Ms Bestie-no-more a.k.a Ms BNM. Lebih manis dan sopan disitu :)

Well, today she ym moi informing that she is so freaking busy to pay our Internet bill. Fyi, she always be the PIC in handling the Internet bill. But since our miscom, she refuses to do so. Wthell? Moi clarify that she is the PIC *person-in-change as per agreed before. While moi will handle/settle if there is connection problem like making report/do own troubleshooting/rush back from work if tech wanna come and even thou prob dont occur often but still moi play my part. So pls learn to give and take. But, it seems that she disagree on current arrangement. 

So listen to me Ms Bestie-No-More,

Aku malas la nk layan ko nye childish attitude acah2 ego tak btempat tu bcoz i got ton of other things yg lg penting utk dipikirkan ok. And as i mentioned to u, i unable to do banking online if u dont get it. I dont simply make lame excuse. Xde motif kt situ. Semua org busy. Yes, noted but yr excuse is totally unacceptable. Ko saje je kan nk tunjuk ko nye perangai yg cam bagus tu. Aduyai sumpah xde masa nk entertain la wey. Its not an issue pon sbnrnye so pls grow up. Takyah la busuk2 hati hasad2 dengki ni smp nk terminate line bagai wlpn atas nama ko. Deposit kongsi kot. But if ko insist gak nak terminate just proceed. Tapi tlg inform so that jgn sbb ko, sume org tereffect skli. And fyi, if aku ni jahat busuk hati phd bagai, dh lama aku reconfigure the router so that u cant even use it. If lg keji, ohh yes block je ip ko senang cite. Connected but cannot browse any fucking webpage. Puas hati dh alang2 nk jahat kan? But dont worry, aku tak keji sgt smp nak buat cmtu. No point la. Xperlu kot tu semua. Buang masa. Tambah dosa lagi. Both are Big No-No :P 

p/s: it is true that there is an END to a friEND. LIE in beLIEeve. Bestie can turn to be Beshitto in a glimpse of an eyes as people change without we noticing it :( Sad

Picture randomly picked :P

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