Thursday, June 16, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday #Volume 6

It's pretty much awkward when:

1---> Moi aint really sure what's on earth was happening yesterday T___T *confusion mode

2---> To be true, recently life is pretty challenging and bit tad of roller-coaster :(

3---> In the midst to jiggle between needs and wants. Bad decision making leads to regretful consequences :( * H2O mode = Headache + Heartache + Obstacles

Minimizing the odd by adding a lil bit of Awesomeness Act (*_~)

1---> Went for X-Men movie @ The Summit with bestie, Ms A.A :D *thinking of writing an entry to tribute regard moi's X-Men in "past-present-continuous" life. Hrmm how interesting it's gonna be?

2---> Hauling for air-freshener for moi's room. Not 1 but 3 different fragrances for just RM20 which it cost RM12.90 if buy one. Now it feels like living in the lavender garden :) So purplish refreshing :)

3---> Thoroughly consider to splurge for new gadget. For travel-wise & self-entertainment or maybe just want to replace moi's current HP that is not that HEALTHY.  *IPAD2 or Galaxy Tab comes in mind ~need to do some research in term of pricing & features and which offers the best :D


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