Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fun Run + Fun Sunday #Part2

Title: Athletic Events Fun Run & Charity Carnival
Date: 24th July 2011
Venue: Taman Metropolitan Kepong
Mood: Successfully completed 5km with no pain at all so Yeayyy :) *2nd time running way better than the 1st one :)

In aid of National Cancer Society Malaysia, moi was intimidating to join the event since the 1st experience wasnt that good *muscle ache attacking moi for more than 2days :( but to be surprised this run aint bad at all & less pain. Not bad huh for extra pounding girl :D Anyway here the secret: good shoes & proper warming session before the run :)

How moi missed running so much since Uni, 3-4 times of exercise was a MUST for evening activity. It really kept moi fit for an active lifestyle and hell yeah it made moi felt good as a whole. Miss that feeling to be good physically and emotionally state :( *kindly note that moi's in PMS mode so yup pretty melancholic here & there :P

Hey this run was organised by Celebrity Fitness so yo we got celebs in the houzzzz too :P 

p/s: today mood >>> pissed off by nuisance ppl whom thinks they are so fuckin angelic being so jugdemental to interpret others badly. *Sebaik mak aku ajar value of respect to older & jgn cepat melatah pd manusia yg busuk hati budget mulia kutuk org sesedap rasa. Anyway bukan style aku nk membenci but i pray for you. Amin 

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