Monday, August 15, 2011

Iftar @ Island BBQ Steamboat Restaurant

As salam semua,

Arini moi nk sharing is caring review pasal this awesome place utk iftar as per requested by Ms Bestie. First of all, tempat mkn ni baru few months dibuka last April if not mistaken. Konsep food yg disediakan sama macam Seoul Garden but it's way cheaper and lebih kepada family-friendly a.k.a group gathering in open air environment meaning that the more people the merrier it will be :) 

Here the details about this restaurant...

Venue: Kg Subang, Shah Alam
Address: Lot 3370, Jalan Kemboja Seksyen U5, Kg Melayu Subang, 40150 Shah Alam
Cuisine: BBQ Steamboat & Grill meaty (Halal Buffet)
Price: Adult (RM 19.90)
Kids 6-12yrs old (RM 9.90)
Below 5yrs FREE 
Reservation: 0126800041
Operation hrs: Tuesday - Sunday
6.00pm - 11.00pm 
(Closed Monday)

Here the Map if you clueless about the location

Location map

Facilities provided include:
  • Ample free parking space and visible at your sight
  • Accessible smooth walkways for the elderly and OKU from/to parking, dining area or washrooms
  • Outdoor dining area covered and not covered
  • Island styled buffet line with fish pool
  • Clean spacious washrooms designated for our customers use only
  • Specifically built Musolla or Surau are provided
  • Verity and fun menu for children
  • Hygiene baby highchairs with safety strap upon request
  • Children’s play area (next phase)

Personally moi suke tempat ni sebab: 

  • Open air *bile dah steamboat & grill sure asap berkepok2 kan so selesa la sikit bile buat kt outdoor plus tak stuffy sgt :P
  • Tempat dia quite cozy and bersih 
  • Very family-friendly environment *mmg sgt sesuay if nak wat satu kampung dtg mkn, tempat agak luas so agak selesa :)
  • Ade tandas and surau plus ade ruang utk kids nak main kt tepi tempat makan *xde la budak2 grumpy sgt duk tgu makpak mengaum ye dak? :P
  • Owner tempat ni mcm gile sempoi *1st, if wat group gathering dia tak kira eh bape ramai korg xmcm se2tgh tempat dia closely monitor each and every single person kan. 2nd, time bayar kte just past duit dlm envelope owner tu trust kte gile2 siap xcek pon bape duit dlm envelope tu hahaha maybe dia tak berkira sgt sbb bulan ramadan ala2 berniaga sambil beramal jariah gitu :) 
  • So rate moi bg 4.0 out of 5 ok! *highly recommended and you wont be regretted :)
Ni sneak preview picture sblm berbuke, sewaktu berbuke xdan nk cam-whoring sbb sebuk bersteamboating sambil bergrilling :P

Alhamdulilah ade rejeki kite dtg lg ye kawan-kawan :)

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